With the speed of automation impacting the world economy, the business boundaries have become limitless. The business is not just affected by its own methods but the overall ecosystem which is making life simple through the use of IT.

It is no more just being paperless but it is about automating each known & unknown process into an ease of operation.

Business line in entire supply chain. This requires deep understanding of complex workflows involved and various compliances which govern these businesses.

smartData though its years of experience has gained deep insights into these specific areas by having business domain experts who not only understand the what but also how & why of the business automation in today’s era.

Our expertise have grown in following areas :-

1. Workflow – Assisted our customers in their business transformation through :-

  • B2B, B2C, B2B2C flows
  • API play with 3rd parties
  • Shipping workflows
  • Custom process workflows
  • Extensive reporting engine & dashboards
  • Rule based engines

2. Retail – Mobile & Cloud are changing the definition of retail for our customers. We assist in :-

  • Web & Mobile based supply chain
  • Marketplace for Services & products
  • Online food ordering & delivery

3. Compliance – More and more industries today are coming under the umbrella of compliance to comply with global norms which allows them to compete globally. We have experience in implementation of :-

  • Health & workers safety regulations
  • Business risk advisory
  • Financial compliance
  • Environmental Guidelines
  • USDA regulations

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