The digital world is proving instrumental in reimagine the businesses. This ecosystem is driven by 3 values: new sources of revenue, speed of technology adoption & rationalised cost structure. For every business, digital is the heart, reshaping customer interaction. In a way, rewriting the competition in markets.As per DU Press – Tech Trends – “Today’s digital technologies include mobile, social, and the web, but wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) could dramatically expand the definition in the years ahead.”

smartData has the experience of using digital as a backbone for the clients and broadly classifies the work in below mentioned segments.
1. Mobile & Social – We have assisted our customers to expand their social outreach over mobile platform by creating :-

  • Preventive & Wellness Apps
  • Business Productivity Apps
  • Taxi Booking, Food Ordering

2. IoT/Wearables – We are working on the fast growing connected devices segment. The work includes integrating or programming :-

  • Fitness Trackers
  • Medical Devices
  • Beacons & Sensors

3. Cloud & Analytics – Data & Reporting is crucial to showcase the effectiveness of the whole initiative of digital implementation. For our clients, we have created :-

  • Complex Reports & Dashboards
  • Business Performance Matrix
  • Data Predictive Analysis

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