US Visa

Reflecting our growth in the number of business travels to US, Ms. Erica Marrero from the US Consulate in New Delhi, made a visit to the smartData Enterprises (India) headquarters in Mohali. The purpose was to explain and simplify the US visa application process and encourage the growing presence of IT providers from the North-West India. At our end, we plan to follow up with expanding our presence in the North-East US after opening our first offices in California in 1996.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance resource is aligned free of cost for certain type & size of the projects.


Domain Expert

Free consultancy for one month from our business domain experts for certain type/size of the projects.


Offer on Repeat Business

We value our association with customer and offer 5% to 10% discount on total cost if there is a continuity in development work over certain team size for 6 to 12 months.


Free Wireframe and Prototyping

Free wireframes and/or 50% off on prototyping for enterprise level application development


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