In the post pandemic world online ordering of groceries and food products is the new norm. The adoption of delivery services has increased because of Covid and restaurants are going virtual with cloud kitchens becoming more prominent. In our application convenience is the key, the same is achieved through power of mobile tech ensuring seamless P2P deliveries.


Food and beverage ordering app

It's a mobile application developed for coffee shops having a presence in different places in the USA. The objective of the app is to automate the ordering process. So that users can order Coffee and other items by using the application and reducing their order waiting time. Admin will be adding its items like coffee or tea over Square pos [...]

- Automate the ordering process
- Customers can place s ....

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On demand food ordering app

It is an on-demand online ordering app that helps in making food ordering from a nearby restaurant and having it delivered to their home as simple as possible for their customers.  The users according to their current location can search, find, choose any nearby restaurant and add meals to their cart, then enter their personal information to place the order. This order will [...]

- Users can search nearby restaurants to place online food orders&n ....

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Organised Dinner Application

The focus of the application is to provide busy families with a wide variety of high-quality family-sized dinners ready to serve with a minimum of preparation time and chance to participate in Sessions. The application provides a user management section. In this section, the user manages their account by signing up with the site, after registration the user avails the [...]

Major features:

  • User Registration - User becomes ....

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Restaurant Aggregator and Finder

It is a web portal for a chain of restaurants for more than 100 outlets, operating in the US market. The main features of the site are Menu for breakfast, lunch & dinner, food recipes, Gift cards & E-club. For visitors to easily locate its outlet, site is provided with a search engine based on zip code with the integration [...]

Highlighting features are:

  • Facility to send gift ....

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Food, Logistics, and On-Time Delivery!

The rise in investment in software solutions by food and beverage industries have made technology the most sought after ingredient. Adapting to the changing times and fulfilling the growing demands of consumer food habits, delivery to doorsteps is inevitable. From grocery delivery to fast food deliveries, restaurants and small business owners are seeking new ways to collaborate with shippers to...

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