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AI powered solutions

Empower personalized learning experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the EdTech sector by providing personalized and adaptive learning experiences. It has the potential to create a versatile platform for students to enhance the value of learning and development.

Most Edtech companies need a convenient medium to make their traditional learning techniques more advanced for students to achieve their major educational purpose. The major focus is to automate administrative tasks, improve student engagement and provide high-quality education.

To make the education system more organized and accessible for students, we provide end-to-end customized AI learning solutions that deliver outcomes on the learner’s interest, intellectual capacity and motivation level.

Our AI-based solutions in the EdTech sector

Our team of technology experts combine AI with an adaptive learning platform to track students’ progress, learning patterns and knowledge gaps. Here we go with it.



To provide students with instant support, guidance and other academic needs, we have developed AI-powered chatbots to enhance the learning and understanding capabilities of students.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning

Our AI-based learning solutions help educators create personalized learning experiences by analyzing student data, learning styles, preferences, tracking progress and identifying learning gaps. It enables students to get a flexible learning environment and engage their interest in their learnings.

Automated grading

Automated grading

To automate the grading process which is time-consuming for educators, Our AI-based services simplify tasks and allow teachers to focus on their area of expertise. With the right AI tools, EdTech providers have an opportunity to redefine the future of learning and the culture of education.

Adaptive Assessments

Adaptive Assessments

We provide reliable software solutions to create adaptive assessments that can adjust the difficulty level of questions based on the student’s responses. Students can also predict academic performance to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Intelligent tutoring systems

Intelligent tutoring systems

We have developed intelligent tutoring systems that can provide students with proper guidance and feedback. These systems can adapt to the student's needs and provide additional support when required.

Experience the future of education with our powerful AI-powered solution


Sports performance management system

Performance management system developed for academies, schools, universities that are providing professional services in the sports sector. Major role of this application is to minimize administrative & data analytics efforts and focus on the growth of athlete/player or overall team. This allows an individual or team to take better professional  and career decisions pathways and strengthen weak areas through an [...]

Application offers:

  • True performance management
  • Talent scouting
  • Succession planning
  • Talent development
  • Dynamic evaluation & training programs
  • Overall performance assessment based on dynamic parameters
  • Task scheduling
  • Dynamic KPI management
  • 360 degree reporting

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School Management

SaaS-based interactive education management platform developed to cater to small to complex needs of any school or education institute. It also establishes transparent & interactive data exchange with parents, students and other involved entities. Key purpose of this system is to provide a platform that allows schools to provide quality education to students and take required steps for betterment.

Key system offerings:

  • Classroom management
  • Student information management
  • Resources management
  • Behavioral management 
  • Parent engagement
  • Analytical reporting
  • Medical management
  • 360 degree reporting

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A modern and intuitive skill-oriented platform developed for corporate offering training management. The goal of this platform is to offer companies the opportunity to create, animate and manage all their training actions from one place initially targeting banking and insurance, then to be followed by industrial. One of the important part of this creating skill tree which makes this platform [...]

  • Marketplace portal offers to share training facilities for companies with one another helping to save businesses money.
  • Subscription per user for unlimited and up-to-date consumption.
  • Comprehensive skills mapping and monitoring of the development plan.
  • Catalog enclosing different journeys based on respective positions in the company. 
  • Lea

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School Management System

This is a SaaS-based School Management System that supports different types of models to automate the various processes of schools in Jordan. This has an automated School ERP system that can be accessed through smartphones and it can manage data in one place. It is useful for pre-registration, student management, attendance management, and teacher assignment and management. School timetable, assessments, [...]

  • Courses and batches
  • Time Table
  • Students admission
  • Simple HR
  • Calendar and events
  • Students/parents/admin/teachers Login (web & mobile)
  • Report Center
  • Students Marks and reports
  • Students attendance
  • Messaging system
  • Bus tracking system
  • Daily Notes, discussions area &am

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