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In today's global market, scaling the company's services and acquiring new opportunities is the biggest business challenge. There is a need to integrate with internal and external systems within and outside an organization. With a deep knowledge of underlying architecture and infrastructure, engineers at smartData practice swift ways to API development and integration.

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API development services at smartData offer customers a secure platform to collect data from end-users. These full stack developers are well versed in web/mobile frameworks and enterprise software to assist with:

  • Custom API development: As a business consulting firm, smartData has recognized the importance of API based economy. API developer at smartData is highly skilled in developing APIs for desktop, mobile, SOA, browsers and multiple databases. Customers can benefit from fully documented and standardized work of REST API developers or SOAP API developers.
  • API integration to platforms: Role-based access control, OAuth 2.0, basic authorization, SSO authentication and key encryptions are a few examples of security protocols. Our experience in HTTP/SOAP interfaces, Docker and Kubernetes, network administration and cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and Salesforce helps us connect business logic to web-services.
  • Creating an API solution: Applications for all and any business types at smartData support transactions of high volumes. We have developed APIs for fintech and healthcare applications capable of supporting 1000s of API connections/calls per second. These solutions rely on microservices which help customer's to expand userbase and manage lean inventory.

Developers at smartData have integrated more than 500 open APIs, some of these popular public APIs are:

  • Payment provider integrations: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Square, .Net payment gateways, Amazon Pay
  • E-commerce channels: Amazon, eBay
  • Financial and accounting APIs: Quickbooks, Fincity, Chargify
  • Data APIs: Amazon web services, Amazon S3, Open weather map, Trello
  • Locations services and mapping: Google Maps (timezone, places, geocoding), Foursquare, Yandex, Yelp, MarineTraffic
  • Healthcare: Infermedica for medical diagnosis, clearinghouse, KendoUI,
  • Analytics and tracking: MailChimp, SendGrid, Google analytics, OnFleet, USPS, ShippingAPI
  • Social media APIs: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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