Discussion on AI and Blockchain


Industries are keen to embrace what AI and Blockchain have to offer in their growth? Answering same to smarTians CEO Ajay Tewari shared insights on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain can potentially transform the way businesses are operating now.

Client Interface

With Business meets all around the Globe how can our clients miss the chance to visit us! Yes, smartData has always been fortunate to host the clients with enthusiasm, some knowledge exchange and a detailed analysis of their project.

Thanks to our clients for making time to train our teams and work in collaboration.


Business Meet in Boston, US

Communicating with clients in just a click away in today’s age and space. Yet a face to face communication is an impactful means, which goes a long way in a business association

smartData believes in repeat culture and to maintain its longevity personal interactions are an important part and smarTians drive this engine.