Client Meeting

With Business meets all around the Globe how can our clients miss the chance to visit us! Yes, smartData has always been fortunate to host the clients with a warm stay full of enthusiasm, knowledge exchange, a walk through our projects and a detailed analysis of their project. Our clients are as proactive as our associates and actively participate in discussions going on our floors.

Call them sessions, meetings or discussions; for us and our clients, they are steps for building relationships based on trust and professionalism. Also, it’s a platform for us to understand each others culture better. Well said by one of our clients that time and distance had never been a barrier while communicating and working with smartData.

Thanks to our clients for making time to train our teams and work in collaboration.


The Strategic Value of APIs

A recent post by Forbes stated- 2017 is becoming The Year Of The API Economy. As new business models are building to drive the API propagation. To understand how APIs function (Application Programmer Interfaces), in general terms they are the elements that enable manifold platforms, apps, and systems to communicate and share data with one another and initiate tasks or processes. APIs are taking a profitable curve for any organization to use the core assets like reuse, share, and monetize to extend the reach of existing services or provide new revenue streams. Through customer interface for technology products allows software elements to communicate.

To make things easier for the consumer, most of the businesses collaborate with each other by exchanging data. For instances- when the customer signs up, the list of the social network channel appears for quick login, the fundamentals of integrating is to gather the basic information from their social profile. API helps business models and channels to exchange data with secure access to functionality. In Gartner, it’s said- APIs make it easier to integrate and connect people, places, systems, data, things, and algorithms, create new user experiences, share data and information, authenticate people and things, enable transactions and algorithms, leverage third-party algorithms, and create new product/services and business models.
Any business should have the vision to scale the operations by exchanging the data information. APIs will turn a business into a platform involves two main building blocks:

Digital business models – enable ecosystems of people, businesses and things to create value from outside in.
Business model platforms – enable digital business by exposing existing enterprise assets like algorithms, information, resources, and analytics.

We as smartData Enterprises Inc understand the shift of the economy and we have integrated many third party APIs to grow our client business. To know how we will shape your idea into functional application, you can contact us.

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smartData Started Southern India Campus Drive

Southern India Campus Drive smartData

The decision to do a comprehensive Southern India drive has been a thoughtful one, with the focus to ensure “Diversity” – both cultural & geographical. This mixes in with the culture of joy and companionship at smartData and gives a chance for everyone to be more culturally aware.

“We are looking to hire good people. That’s the first criteria and technology & other filters come up later.”, the response from CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari on being asked: “What skills you are looking to hire?”.

This is just a beginning, and we look forward to attending too many more colleges & cities in coming weeks. The thrust to hire good talent, and give them a projectile path for growth is what smartData wants to do. “Great Employability, Career Mobility, and Lifelong Learning”, this is what the new generations want, and this is what we offer at smartData.

The selected candidates go through a comprehensive training program called “SD Square – smartData Skillset Development”.

The selection process involves a lot of efforts & preparation, as candidates from B.E., B.Tech, MCA, and MBA go through screening tests & interview process. The team at smartData has been working on to make this a learning experience for the students who appear in the drive.

Similar to the Southern India drive, a North campus is to start soon – covering 5 states, 18 colleges & more than 2400 students. This is going to a great opportunity for students to get an opportunity at smartData, and a great drive for smartData to get talented youths to be part of the team called smarTians.

Great week of talent hunt and will look for more talents in coming weeks…

smarTians attended summit Design4India

Good branding is all about creating a good user experience with appealing storytelling UI/UX and to enhance the skills smarTians attended the summit and learned how to transform the businesses’ digital presence from plain-vanilla approach to storytelling UX/UI approach to engage would be customers with good stories.

Empowering “smartLeadership Group”

Leadership grooming sessions were given by the senior member of smartData emphasizing the importance of giving, discipline, the importance of Customers – as being the drivers behind our success. Also shared the importance of upgrading skills and being ahead in the knowledge industry.

Blockchain Training

Preparing a team requires minutes but training the team towards excellence is a work of decades. Here in smartData we don’t plan to take decades for skill development and enhancement but setting daily goals to monitor the improvement at the individual level and improving aspects at a personalized level.

Thus every developer is able to reach an expert level and inculcating in themselves qualities of continuous learning. The current training session in blockchain was not limited to developers only but included members from the management team so that the right solutions are available to customers from the very first stage of interaction.

With blockchain findings it uses in almost every domain whether it be healthcare or fintech or even gaming industry, training sessions at smartData emphasized its practical applications in all its offerings.

The success of these sessions is measured when our clients are satisfied with our service and through the success rate of delivery of projects. And with each successful project delivery being added to our portfolio its always a pleasure to serve clients and take challenges in upcoming technologies as well.