Walkathon 2019: Republic Day

The day India was formed as a republic is always a proud day for us. Our way of celebrating this event comes with a motive of fitness and creating awareness among the youth. At each location, smarTians completed a 16 km walkathon and hoisted National Flag at all facilities. Even the family members of smarTians came along to pay tribute to the heroes of Nation. Happy 70th Republic Day

Office Makeover

Who said it’s just about dressing smart and keeping clean? Even the office walls need a makeover. The essence of designing office spaces is about employees and how they work. It is making it more attractive and creating a meaningful environment where even the walls motivate you. Here creativity counts.

CSR smartData

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success. The love, care and smiles that one receives from serving the society is what drives us to do more for the betterment of people. Small or big our initiatives are directly from the people of this organization. A charity initiative supported by smartData Enterprises Inc in association with Prasanchetas Foundation.

Chairman Mixer

A thoroughly enjoyable and insightful evening with Chairman Dr Sanjai Tewari and senior smartData leadership group to push forward innovative initiatives to keep on scaling the continuous success of smartData ahead. Moving ahead with this year’s theme Big Collaboration, exchange of ideas and discussion on future roadmap took place.

Happy Moments: January

Hey! Happy Birthday! Happy Marriage Anniversary! Happy Work Anniversary! Congratulations for the new house! Congrats on the birth of a baby girl! Congrats! Phew… so many reasons to celebrate and with 1000 people in our family celebrations go longer. Celebrating Happy Moments of each month to enjoy all special occasions and welcoming new each day.

smartData Campus Drive

Talent and meritocracy know no boundaries. In search of talent, smartData started the Indian campus drive. The first phase covered Southern India covering 4 states, 15 colleges and 2000+ students participating in the same. The second phase covered 6 sates of Northern India seeking more participation. smartData CEO on being asked “What skills you are looking to hire?”, responded, “We are looking to hire good people. That’s the first criteria and technology & other filters come up later.” Great weeks of talent hunt.

smartData Cultural League: SCL 2

Another successful year for SCL

What a way to end SCL!!! The performances truly celebrated the regions and diverse culture of India. Name a dance and it was there- Bhangra, Bihu, Nati, Lavani and more, the beauty of each dance was expressed very well. Theatrical plays and live music were a fun to watch. A big round of applause to the host branch “sD Dehradun” and all the smarTians for making it a success. SCL 2 Ranga Rang: expressing passion, talent and colors of enjoyment. Work-Play-Learn

smartRup – Trek to Rupin Pass

15 smarTians – 6 females and 9 males trekked the Himalayan ranges for 8 days to scale Rupin pass– one of the most beautiful mountain ranges Dhauladhar mountain ranges. Scaling new heights the family of 15 passed all milestones and adverse weather conditions to reach the top. A mesmerizing view did take away all the fatigue, filling the smarTians with more energy to spend another day to look up Chitkul.

TiECON Chandigarh 2019

An energizing entrepreneurial environment for feature business leaders. A day long power packed summit inclusive of inspiring and exciting discussions, motivating mentoring sessions and a great platform to network with like minded passionate entrepreneurs and Industry peers.