Technology is assisting Retail to become more personal, more immersive, more automated without losing customer care . The Retail ecosystem is shifting from a push economy to a pull economy. Managing the cross-channel consumer journey requires insight to help brands personalize their customers' experience by tracking buyer's progress across any platform and optimizing every step until conversion.


Supply Chain Management and CRM

It is a supply chain management and CRM system which automates all process in a supply chain from procurement to distribution while managing SKU's and order across.

  • Web-based supply chain management and CRM system
  • Automates entire business process from procurement, manufacturing, packaging and distribution
  • Centeralized data for vendors and multilocations
  • Extensive workflow management
  • Set up of accounts books according to laws of US and China



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Wholesale Directory

Europe's largest B2B portal in which a user can browse information for wholesale distributors, trade suppliers and importers in the UK. It fulfills the growing need for reliable and readily available information on the legitimate UK and international wholesalers, distributors, drop shippers, importers, exporters, manufacturers, and agents, as well as their products and latest offers.

  • Subscription based model
  • Access hundreds of auction houses and discover the latest clearance auctions in the UK
  • Access to the latest wholesale offers
  • View wholesale prices and place orders
  • List products, receive orders and reply to buy leads.
  • Tracking of advertising performance.
  • Used by 5+ million plus user.
  • 1+ million unique SEF URLs ....

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Multichannel Inventory Management and Shipping

SaaS-based application to track and manage orders and Inventory from multiple marketplaces and e-commerce stores. API integration done for multiple platforms, Ebay seller API and API2 Cart (30+ shopping channels), Sage, Amazon, Etsy. The application manages orders from different sales channels and manual entries at one place. 

  • End users can upload products and make single/bulk listings to multi sales channels at one click.
  • The platform also offers a centralised order and inventory management and processing along with order shipment and tracking by its integration with shipping carriers.
  • View accurate real-time stock levels, manually alter stock levels & ....

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Wholesale Directory

Wholesale Directory is Europe based trade directory featuring world’s largest database of verified manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors (B2B service). Their service aims to fulfill the growing need for reliable and readily available information on legitimate European and international wholesalers, distributors, drop shippers, importers, exporters, manufacturers and agents, as well as their products and latest offers. Since 2004 helped thousands of [...]

  • Built a fully functional website featuring a large verified suppliers database and an admin panel to manage the complete front end content.
  • Making the main website SEO friendly and also created a forum site to ensure good referral traffic on a daily basis.
  • Assigning dedicated researchers to build, grow and maintain the suppliers' database.
  • Prepared S ....

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Inventory Management Softwares

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