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Automation and IoT

Automation and IoT

Transform your property management with us

With time, the emergence of automation and IoT has significantly increased the demand for smart home technology in real estate. It allows property managers to increase efficiency by automating real-time tasks.

Our talented team of designers and developers blends machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation into your real estate software solution to automate business processes and achieve future goals.

Our Automation & IoT solutions in Proptech Innovation

Our end-to-end real estate software solutions include UI/UX design, coding, testing, system integration and product sustainability. We provide reliable solutions that permeate all areas of modern real estate and transform it into a new reality.

Our services make sure that your agents can convert leads into deals.

CRM in Real Estate

When it comes to real estate businesses, selling and buying is a time-consuming process. In such scenarios, implementing real estate CRM software gives agents an efficient way to manage contacts, schedule tasks and stay organized to build a successful relationship.

Our team of professionals integrated various CRM tools available to businesses right now and can be customized to fit the needs of real estate agents. Also, take care of end-to-end process management for real estate agencies.

Cloud-based Database solutions

Cloud-based Database solutions

We provide trustworthy cloud-based real estate software solutions for managing multiple assets and sites. Our distinct approach to solutions enables your organisation to get Scalable, sustainable and cost-effective services to compete in an ever-expanding market.

Manage Leads

Manage Leads

Generate leads from multiple sources like social media, online campaigns and offline campaigns. Our customized software solution streamlines the processes and set up an email response to drive engagement.

Documentation Management

Documentation Management

It can be difficult to maintain documents manually. Our technology specialists provide dependable methods for gaining access to crucial records, including information about properties, services rendered, transactions, and much more. We make sure all the paperwork is available to you.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

We provide modern technology to streamline and automate procedures across several real estate functions. This covers rent management, facility management, property management, and many others.

IoT In Real Estate

IoT-powered applications in real estate help you minimize human errors, modify renting processes, perform better results and get rid of manual data.

To provide more security and safety for homes and workplaces. We created IoT-enabled real estate equipment including proximity marketing beacons, live monitoring cameras, and smart sensors for problem identification and resolution.



We designed a BLE-based smartLock integrated with the ASSA Abloy brand. This technology is utilised primarily for residential properties as well as comparable digital keys for lodging and events. Customers may receive the digital keys based on the confirmation of the reservation you completed.



Do your customers still hesitate to leave their keys in a location where anyone with the code can enter the house? Utilizing our real estate padlock solution is quite safe. Due to their simplicity and safety, they are useful tools for both real estate brokers and sellers.

Empower your properties with the latest Automation & IoT technology


Property Tax Management

This software is design to help clients manage cases or issues related to property tax. It includes all types of properties like industrial warehouses, shopping centers, multi-family homes etc. 

  • Functionality to automate the handwork.
  • This application deals with handling the client data related to different types of property and helps property owners reduce their property tax liabilities.
  • Application with multiple user roles.
  • Use of office 365 for receiving and sending emails.

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Virtual tour app

The application converts a tourist place, historical place or any national park into virtual zones and take a tour. The owner or supervisor of space can provides users with smart devices or machines with API to access virtual spaces. The app is developed for the virtual zoning and tourism sector. A unique approach to geo-enclosing polygonal or polyhedral spaces for [...]

  • Creating virtual zones and sub zones
  • Creating virtual tours of places
  • Adding images, welcome text, welcome audio and videos to zones
  • Multi-tenant system for place owners
  • Ordered (defined tours) or random (unordered tours) can be added
  • Ability to work without phone network connection

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Lease Tour

It is a real estate virtual tour real estate application where agents provide a tour visit/inspection via an app before booking an apartment via this platform. The agents share invites with the owner and when accepted, the agent can start live video tour sessions or receive videos offline. 

  • Agents are assigned according to dispatching or shortest length algorithm
  • Search property based on location, zip code, state, city
  • A user can book the agent through the platform and join the live conference tour with agents
  • The agent collects information from owner according to user's preference, upload the property images/ details and get approval f

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Cloud based Project Management and BackOffice Automation

A cloud based back office management system to manage the operations of a construction service providing company. It is being used to generate estimates and proposals for customers, convert opportunities to service orders, generate purchase orders, track projects/ tasks and maintain work logs.

  • Contact management
  • Opportunities Management
  • Estimation and proposal management
  • Customers service orders management and tracking
  • Projects and tasks management
  • Invoicing: offer services to generate invoices based upon the tasks performed
  • Purchase orders
  • Time cards of staff users along with time entries for differ

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