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Improve Your Productivity With Working From Home
Posted By: smartData April 1, 2020

Around the world, the instances of coronavirus have expanded to a disturbing number in only half a month. Organizations and associations are requesting that their employees to work from home. Numerous schools and colleges have moved to online classes and deferred the assessments. Working from home can be a tedious task as you are not …

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A Collaboration With TUFFMAN—From Fatigue to Fitness
Posted By: smartData March 25, 2020

Giving back to society is a great way to get a sense of purpose and it’s unparalleled. With a clear purpose of offering opportunities to young athletes, smartData Enterprises takes yet another CSR initiative. The focus this time is Sports and on giving the athletes an experience where they can become competent, proficient, and enthusiastic. …

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Facility Management – An Evolving Industry
Posted By: smartData February 12, 2020

Generally, when we talk about Facility Management then we consider services related to managing a facility which was right to some extent a few years back but with time this industry has been evolved completely. With the continuous introduction of regulations and changes in them make its scope broad and more complex. Companies with all …

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smartData enhancing Future Tech Skills
Posted By: smartData September 20, 2019

Catch them when they are young !!… The target industry for Skilling India should focus a lot on the budding population that will come out of colleges and will enter the industry. To train them on the foundations of futuristic technology will help them in taking studies revolving on subjects whose future we are certain …

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