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How the healthcare industry is leveraging the cloud for improving patient and provider experience
Posted By: smartData April 3, 2023

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving with its innovative trends, and one of the biggest drivers of this change is the adoption of cloud technology. The cloud plays a foundational role to revolutionize healthcare by improving the patient and provider experience, reducing costs, and enhancing security. Many healthcare organizations are now looking to the cloud …

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HIMSS 2023: Predicting the Future of Healthcare
Posted By: smartData March 9, 2023

HIMSS is back. It’s that time of the year to go full steam ahead with outstanding trends and technologies in the healthcare industry. The most highly anticipated event of the year that brings together healthcare professionals, IT specialists, executives, and vendors to showcase the latest trends, products, and services. smartData once again looks forward to …

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The Future of Women’s Health: How Femtech is Changing the Game
Posted By: smartData November 1, 2022

Women are said to be the backbone of our economy and community. They play a vital role in every aspect and the world recognizes that women’s rights are human rights. When it comes to women’s health, there are numerous health ailments that affect women mentally as well as physically. Nowadays, technology is evolving with new …

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How Fitness App Helps to Inspire your Workout?
Posted By: smartData September 22, 2022

Maintaining the optimal level of fitness is important to spend a quality life. Our well-being directly affects our actions and emotions, leading to poor performance or enriching us with lifelong health. When a person leads a healthy lifestyle, they have control over their mind and body. Fitness and wellness are encouraged globally to stay focused …

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How Digital Experience Platforms Are Changing The Way Patients Receive Services
Posted By: smartData July 1, 2022

Role of Digital Experience Platforms in Healthcare Industry The technology gaining great achievements from developing apps to building software. With modern gadgets, we make our lives faster and easier on every platform. The digital medium helps us to interact with users from anywhere in the comfort of our homes. Modern youth rely on social media …

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Revenue Cycle Management Automation
Posted By: smartData June 9, 2022

Revenue cycle management, in its most basic form, is the process by which healthcare professionals request, track, and collect revenue for services delivered to patients. Revenue cycle management is growing beyond the business office as medical billing becomes more sophisticated. The revenue cycle is becoming increasingly wide, taking into account both the clinical and operational …

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Challenges Faced by Radiology Billing
Posted By: smartData May 31, 2022

Radiologists should be concerned about billing and collecting revenue in 2022, as well as operating more efficiently and complying with certain CMS initiatives. One source of concern is the “snail-like” communication that occurs between referring physicians and the radiology practise when orders and information are submitted via email on multiple computers. It is typically slow, …

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How AI in EHR Revolutionizing the Healthcare System?
Posted By: smartData May 11, 2022

AI-powered EHR systems integrate seamlessly as well as provide solutions with a broad range of functionalities. Machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help in recording patients’ medical experiences, organizing large EHR data banks for finding important documents, gauging patient satisfaction, and certain other tasks. Machine learning models coupled with natural language processing (NLP) …

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Automating Prior Authorization to Optimize Revenue Cycle management (RCM)
Posted By: smartData April 25, 2022

Prior authorization is an expensive and complex process, and the primary reason for claim denials for Providers is an inability to implement the proper process and documentation during the prior authorization phase. Approximately 90% of Prior Authorisations (PA) are still handled offline via IVR, mail, and phone calls. Only one-fifth of the 182 million transactions …

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Rise of Femtech- The Next Big Thing in Healthcare
Posted By: smartData March 4, 2022

Femtech is a female technology that includes software development, diagnostics, products, and services that mainly focus on female health and related issues. Femtech has historically been segmented into four main categories: reproductive health (including menstrual & fertility solutions), pregnancy & nursing care, pelvic & uterine healthcare, general healthcare, and wellness. Femtech is becoming the new …

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