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Empowering Seniors: Promoting Independence and Wellness in the Golden Years
Posted By: smartData July 13, 2023

As the journey moves to adulthood, there is a point when we start thinking about our future particularly being senior with age. During this phase, we proactively strategize and prepare for our seniority to cultivate a life of wellness. Ageing is a natural aspect of life that comes with different challenges and hardships. Recognizing the …

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Unlocking the Power of Sleep: How Quality Sleep Improves Your Health and Productivity
Posted By: smartData July 11, 2023

In today’s society, sleep is often undervalued and overlooked. The constant demands of work and social obligations easily disrupt our sleep patterns, leaving us feeling fatigued and unfocused. But the truth is, sleep is far more than just a period of rest. It is a complex process that allows our bodies and minds to recharge, …

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Managing Chronic Pain Naturally: Effective Strategies for Long-Term Relief
Posted By: smartData July 7, 2023

In today’s world, where the pursuit of holistic wellness is on the rise, individuals grappling with chronic pain are seeking effective strategies for long-term relief. Living with chronic pain can be challenging. It affects millions of people worldwide, disrupting their daily activities and quality of life. While there are medical interventions available, many individuals are …

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The Future of Medicine: Generative AI’s Impact on Healthcare and Patient Care
Posted By: smartData July 5, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare, one technological advancement turns out to be a transformative force i.e. generative AI. Generative AI is not just the latest buzz, it is a rapidly evolving ecosystem of tools growing to revolutionize healthcare. This new trend encompasses much more than chatbots and handles various data types. It has emerged as …

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The link between Nutrition & mental health: How diet will impact your emotional well-being
Posted By: smartData July 3, 2023

It is well known that diet plays a vital role in a healthy and long life. But as time goes on, we come to understand what exactly a healthy diet means and how it revolves around our health journey from worst to best. The food that we intake gives us energy, grow mentally & physically …

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How Clinical decision support system (CDSS) is critical for modern healthcare
Posted By: smartData June 23, 2023

In the modern healthcare landscape, the complexity and volume of medical information can be overwhelming for healthcare professionals. With the increase in disease profiles, clinics need evidence-based information rather than non-verified one. Such useful data is achieved by CDSS. It emerged as a critical tool in modern healthcare that revolutionize the way healthcare specialists diagnose, …

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Clinical Data Usability: A critical step in the Shift of value-based care
Posted By: smartData June 19, 2023

As hospitals evolve and become increasingly complex, the healthcare industry is transforming from traditional medical services to value-based care. Many obstacles are faced by providers and patients when it comes to accessing reliable data. Useful and accurate data is a key to unlock major gains of equity, affordability, outcomes & experience. In this digital era, …

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Power of connected medications & supply chain management for improved health outcome
Posted By: smartData June 9, 2023

Does supply chain management play an equitable role to access essential medicines and services? In today’s highly competitive market, every industry must prioritize cost-reduction strategies to remain viable, and the healthcare sector is no exception. One crucial aspect that captures the attention of stakeholders is the efficient management of the supply chain. The supply of …

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The Ultimate Guide to Clinical Studies: Everything You Need to Know
Posted By: smartData May 29, 2023

Are you curious to understand the importance of clinical studies and how it advances the way of getting treatment? Clinical studies play a pivotal role in the field of healthcare. These studies are fundamental to medical research and form the backbone of evidence-based medicine that aim to generate reliable data and insights. Such data contribute …

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How AI/ML in Home Healthcare Enhance Patient And Provider Experience
Posted By: smartData May 3, 2023

With rapid strides in technology, the healthcare industry collects a lot of data that has the potential to generate valuable insights for medical practitioners. Big Data and healthcare analytics have changed the face of the industry from a traditional setup to a technology-driven one. Healthcare organizations today are leveraging AI/ML and big data analytics to …

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