Changes in Work Culture Post COVID-19
Posted By: smartData July 22, 2020

We had been following the same work routines for ages to go to the offices.
But who had even thought that a virus-like corona will put everything standstill one day?
Just after 15th March, companies started to give WFH having thought in the mind after a few days they will get back to office routines. But it’s coming mid of June now, most of the workplaces are still shut. Nobody is sure whether the decision of calling people back in workplaces will lead to normal life as it was before a pandemic or it may be one of their worst decision to call them back if the virus spreads there on the workplace too.

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How Ambitious a Professional Should Be During These Uncertain Times
Posted By: smartData June 19, 2020

One of the most inspiring lines, “My ambition far exceeds my talents,” said by Johnny Depp’s character George Chung. “Ambition is the most important tool to achieving success, overriding both talent and resources by far”. Being a Professional is not just about creativity and ambition – it’s also having the right mindset to make things …

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Growth of Women smarTians at smartData
Posted By: smartData June 8, 2020

Great companies are never built on the foundation which lacks Values. smartData values are core to its operations – Accountability, Authenticity and Diversity. Each of these three values acts as the pillars of smartData operations around which business is carried out.

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What Will Life Be Like After the Pandemic?
Posted By: smartData May 28, 2020

“The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It” -Abraham Lincoln Will nations stay closed? Will touch become taboo? Will I be going to the office? And most important of all is – What will be the new NORMAL be? These are some of the questions which are running in everyone’s mind right …

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How Discomfort Makes Us More Creative
Posted By: smartData May 22, 2020

The ones who dare to look out and ask: “What if this were different?” are the ones for whom the sky is the limit. We call this view “openness to new experiences” and it’s one of the most important parameters that determine whether or not someone is creative. The discomfort of standing in long queues …

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Positive and Negative Impacts of Lockdown in India
Posted By: smartData April 1, 2020

The entire world is engulfed in this rising threat of the Novel coronavirus threat, which has led to immense loss of life and economy. This dangerous virus had its epicenter in China, and from there, it spread at a rapid pace to other countries making Italy, America, and Iran at a significant loss. With each …

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Facility Management – An Evolving Industry
Posted By: smartData February 12, 2020

Generally, when we talk about Facility Management then we consider services related to managing a facility which was right to some extent a few years back but with time this industry has been evolved completely. With the continuous introduction of regulations and changes in them make its scope broad and more complex. Companies with all …

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Investing in Talent Management
Posted By: smartData February 6, 2020

Talent management involves activities from hiring to retain the best talent in an organization. Talent management is a vital part of business strategy as it manages an organization’s most important assets – its people. It is more of strategy than tactics as it takes a wider view such as how the talent fits into the organization’s long run plan.

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Gender Diversity at Workplace
Posted By: smartData February 6, 2020

Gender Diversity is when humans of all genders are treated equally at work environment with a balanced workforce at all levels. In simpler words, a workplace where talent irrespective of gender is hired and promoted at the same rate, as well as paid equally for the same kind of work.

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The Power of Thinking Big.
Posted By: smartData January 28, 2020

It all begins with a single thought…
‘Thinking Big’ signifies having the option to dream and envision what we can accomplish on a venturesome scale: without any points of confinement on one’s reasoning. It is tied in with being liberal, positive, imaginative and seeing open door in the 10,000 foot view.

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