Marketplace Platforms
Posted By: smartData October 20, 2021

As technology is taking over, the use of online platforms has turned from a mere convenience to the lifestyle of people. Gone are the days, when people used to wander around different shops to buy products that they wanted. With the introduction of online platforms, marketplaces have moved from streets/showrooms to the devices of users. …

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Review Hosting Platforms
Posted By: smartData October 13, 2021

With the increased mediums for experience sharing, it has become more important to pay heed to the customer’s needs and wants more closely than before. However, with the reduction in physical interactions businesses can find it difficult to take inputs from the customers. To make sure that the customers find a way to share their …

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Why You’re Failing at Data Visualization?
Posted By: smartData October 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered why a child’s education begins with a story? It’s because people comprehend more when their knowledge is linked to empathic values and simplicity. Similarly, these values are deeply ingrained in you. You’re probably wondering why We are bringing this up in the context of data. Because your data tell a story, …

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Gathering and Providing Information with Business Intelligence
Posted By: smartData October 7, 2021

We take business intelligence (BI) in form of: Trends in the IT market, relevant to what we are doing through various social media (Twitter/LinkedIn etc), business and tech news (Business Insights/ TechCrunch, etc) Webinars Internal sessions/ discussions at smartData. Trends/ takeaways from Job channels (Upwork/ business inquiry/ client referrals). VP data trends. Discussions w clients …

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Business Intelligence in DXP
Posted By: smartData October 4, 2021

BI (Business Intelligence)– Right data at the right time to the Right People to take the Right Decisions Business Intelligence is all about 3 main functions; Access data, Transform data and Present data in smart ways. Business Intelligence (BI) includes the strategies, processes, applications, data, products, technologies, and technical architectures used to support the collection, …

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Customer Experience through Chatbot!
Posted By: smartData September 15, 2021

The chatbot industry is rapidly expanding; its value was USD 17.17 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach USD 102.29 billion by 2026, with a 34.75 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecasted period of 2021-2026. These Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence, and they use natural language processing (NLP) to understand …

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Impact of 5g on – Logistics and Transportation Industry
Posted By: smartData September 9, 2021

The latest mobile network – 5G is meant to deliver higher multi-data with speed, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users. With 5g cargo owners, freight solution buyers and other industry stalk holders will be able to minimize and steadily eliminate the factors that …

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Digital Innovation: Digital Natives
Posted By: smartData September 8, 2021

Digital natives are the people who have grown up under the ubiquitous influence of the internet and other modern information technologies. Digital natives think, learn, and understand the world around them differently from people who have not been as subjected to modern technology. The term is often used synonymous with ‘Millennial’, though not all digital …

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World?
Posted By: smartData September 7, 2021

Artificial Intelligence is transforming every industry because of its smart skills and deep data analysis. It may assist businesses in a variety of ways. AI’s business benefits are endless because it is a greater technology. AI is capable of automating organizational processes as well as compiling data analysis results. Healthcare Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming …

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Why Digital Customer Experience is Important?
Posted By: smartData August 20, 2021

Those were the days when a customer used to buy products or services and the experience was not a necessity. Customers had enough satisfaction after buying either products or services and this was because of less awareness and lack of global reachability. Now with the advancements in technology, customers are getting more and more aware, …

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