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How to Make a Big Difference by Small Act – Covid 19?

Posted By: smartData August 5, 2020

Washing your hands, maintaining social distancing, avoiding large gatherings are crucial safety guidelines to fight against the current health crisis. You are taking every precaution to safeguard yourself and your family from coronavirus pandemic. But what are you doing to support your local communities? Now when the Government asks their residents to stay at home …

Are You Boosting Your Immunity to Fight Against COVID-19

Posted By: smartData July 28, 2020

Fitness is the combined result of physical, mental, and social well-being. Research shows that a sedentary lifestyle leads to bad physical and mental health. Being active in today’s difficult times is important. Physical exercises help lower blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart diseases and many other ailments. During this time of …

COVID-19 – a Lost Connection Between Nature and Human – “smartCFG”.

Posted By: smartData July 27, 2020

COVID-19 epidemic is contributing to an unprecedented global situation. The WHO has called all nations to fight it together and has declared a health emergency. Preserving the scarce resources and maintaining the environment is another essential lesson it taught. COVID 19 pandemic has a positive impact on the environment stated by various organizations around the …

Teamwork and Leadership- the Way Forward

Posted By: smartData July 27, 2020

Outdoor adventures strengthen the bond of groups. Since long corporates have kept their employees engaged in fitness activities to challenge experienced leaders and find leaders among those aspiring to be. Treks are the on-the-go choice for management to explore throughout the journey core leadership skills of participants. A practical approach to a new team-building experience. …

Growth of Women smarTians at smartData

Posted By: smartData June 8, 2020

Great companies are never built on the foundation which lacks Values. smartData values are core to its operations – Accountability, Authenticity and Diversity. Each of these three values acts as the pillars of smartData operations around which business is carried out.

How Discomfort Makes Us More Creative

Posted By: smartData May 22, 2020

The ones who dare to look out and ask: “What if this were different?” are the ones for whom the sky is the limit. We call this view “openness to new experiences” and it’s one of the most important parameters that determine whether or not someone is creative. The discomfort of standing in long queues …

Improve Your Productivity With Working From Home

Posted By: smartData April 1, 2020

Around the world, the instances of coronavirus have expanded to a disturbing number in only half a month. Organizations and associations are requesting that their employees to work from home. Numerous schools and colleges have moved to online classes and deferred the assessments. Working from home can be a tedious task as you are not …

A Collaboration With TUFFMAN—From Fatigue to Fitness

Posted By: smartData March 25, 2020

Giving back to society is a great way to get a sense of purpose and it’s unparalleled. With a clear purpose of offering opportunities to young athletes, smartData Enterprises takes yet another CSR initiative. The focus this time is Sports and on giving the athletes an experience where they can become competent, proficient, and enthusiastic. …

Workplace Spirituality

Posted By: smartData March 19, 2020

A journey from HEAD to HEART, from MOVEMENT to STILLNESS, from SOUND to SILENCE. Organizations expend significant resources on corporate principles and mission statements but also the most motivating of these seem to disappear into the background during the day-to-day busy working schedule. Modern life is fast-paced, there are hundreds of things grabbing for one’s …

Facility Management – An Evolving Industry

Posted By: smartData February 12, 2020

Generally, when we talk about Facility Management then we consider services related to managing a facility which was right to some extent a few years back but with time this industry has been evolved completely. With the continuous introduction of regulations and changes in them make its scope broad and more complex. Companies with all …

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