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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

The pandemic has changed everything, be it life, work, or the workplace. There has been so much transformation everywhere and during these tough times employees and employers both have been tested for their core beliefs and abilities. There is no shortage of new responsibilities but Understanding and matching personal aspirations to organizational goals are also one of the toughest jobs in today’s scenario. The organization has to think beyond the old practices and methods to match the current trends be it in hiring or in leadership development.

Hiring Strategies

Efficient and effective hiring and hiring practices continue to rule and we at smartData leave no stone unturned to match the market and new hiring trends. Outsourcing and algorithms never match the expectations you have from the talent pool.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and analyze the data of the past to make future strategies – it’s important to understand the past data of four to five years while looking forward to the future.

Also, it is important to have tools that give the green light to candidates who were not hired because of XYZ’s reason. The changing hiring strategies at smartData and having a tool that gives quick access to candidates that matches necessary experience for the new roles is indeed a cutting edge. These automated tools give HR the confidence to invest in candidates.

Even for the newly inducted birds – online tours to offices, evaluation, and feedback mechanisms are working fine and there is a lot of scope in it.

Automation is not a replacement for Human resources but an efficient and unbiased supplement to every stage of hiring. Smart Talent Intelligence system could be one answer for the changing hiring trends in these times. It also helps in taking more accurate, transparent, and efficient talent decisions.

Learning and Growing

Putting people development on pause is not the solution, there is going to be a shift in ways of working from remote work models to Flexi work models, and it’s very important to think of people development in the first place. Reskilling, training, capability development helps in closing the talent gaps. And time to time up-gradation is important for the workforce. We are using digital tools, virtual meetings, virtual training to stay connected, and the managers are empowered to coach and mentor their teams well with a new style of training and development and rewards and recognition programs.

Leadership development

Since we are looking at new normal it’s time for clear goals, focussed teams, and quick decision making with the help of big thinking, big communication, and big collaboration. Leadership development sessions and programs support an agile environment and embed a culture of rapid decision-making with good results.

The right talent is always a business advantage so talent management shall be aligned to business strategies. This era is about reimagining the business and HR models and keep adapting to the changes happening around.

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