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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

The Fifth-generation wireless network commonly known as 5G is going to be a savior for any connectivity issue as it fastens the data speed, communication, higher data caps for electronic gadgets, etc. All this is started with 1G which gave you a voice, the text is given by 2G and mobile computing is given by 3G then 4G gave you higher speeds and mobile revolution providing you to stream in higher definition whenever and wherever you want and now 5G is one step ahead of 4G and is the gateway to download speeds of one gigabit per second and 10 times more than what you expect. 5G is providing a diverse variety of services and solutions and works 20 times more than the previous generation and an advanced cellular operating structure that can handle many devices and frequencies making it better and faster.

To put some meat on the bones let’s talk more about 5G

  • In healthcare: It enables mobile networks to get appointments, manage telemedicine, 5G devices can easily examine the body and gives early warning of illness, pregnancy, prevents unwanted deaths, etc. Furthermore, 5G will help patients to communicate with the doctors efficiently to get first aid in 80% of cases.

  • Automotive: 5G has improved automation in cars (provides communication with traffic around them, adaption in weather conditions, prevents accidents, speed control, etc.). Tesla has already issued its idea of driverless cars. Soon this will take over the world.

  • In IoT: It has increased downloading and uploading speed by 20% of the previous network. It is a game-changer for electronic devices and IoT devices will also benefit healthcare and industry applications.

  • Real estate: 5G has already changed the functioning of this sector by 3D architectural visualization, stable and fast network, and ready to transform it fully from its roots.

  • Farming: Scientific farming methods are in trends to boost productivity in fields. 5G will help to manage drones and get real-time data from sensors that monitor soil, crop, water, and irrigation management, etc.

  • Industrial: The manufacturing sector is becoming more autonomous. This will need high-speed connectivity to monitor the working of robots and factories are becoming smarter with the help of IoT sensors. This pandemic has taught us the need for advancement in our technology and 5G will surely match the expectations of society.

Reality is far away from your dreams but since 5G has come into action who will deny that your future is not going to be exciting? Video conferencing meetings without technical failure, calling and using social media, etc., and it is just amazing to hear that 5G is capable of doing all this. To wrap up, 5G is going to change the way you think and consume resources, communicate, entertainment, etc. This change is not going to happen overnight it will go through several levels of testing and once is established then there is no going back and you will find a better and simpler world for you.

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