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Why Training & Development is Important in the Workplace

Posted By: smartData April 14, 2021

Training is the most important and integral part of the organization, be it small, medium, or big organization. Training allows employees to possess new skills, improve existing ones, perform better, increase his/her productivity and be a good leader. As the organization is always a total of what employee perform individually, and the company should always …

How smartData is contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted By: smartData March 31, 2021

“The secret of living is giving.” Corporate social responsibility gives opportunities to organizations to contribute towards communities, the environment, and so on. It is a paradigm for the organization to evolve as responsible corporate citizens. Building a strong socially responsible culture is important to build an organization’s brand that works for value maximization. It meticulously …

Workplace Etiquette and POSH

Posted By: smartData March 31, 2021

Etiquette matters when it comes to working in an office or other business environment. You speak about who you are as an individual and team member and can affect the career direction specifically through how you present and communicate with those around you – regardless of what your colleagues, bosses, or direct reports are. The …

Employee Volunteer Programs in smartData under CSR

Posted By: smartData March 26, 2021

This world is indeed a beautiful place and we all have received so much from this world directly or indirectly and mostly good and cherishable. But then sometimes we really need to take out time to think and reflect are we also somewhere contributing or adding to the goodness and the beauty of this world …

Equality in Workplace “Women Empowerment”

Posted By: smartData March 12, 2021

There is a Sanskrit shloka that says: “Rashtrasya Shrava Naari Asti, Naari Rashtrasya Akshi Asti” meaning woman is our tomorrow, a woman is the eye of the nation. There’s no doubt that women held respectable positions in the early periods but during the times our nation was ruled by some other nations, the societal status …

The Art of Employee Appreciation & Recognition

Posted By: smartData March 4, 2021

“Little things matter the most” Have you ever thought about what employees expect from their workplace? Why is it important to satisfy the needs of the employees? Why appreciation matters in the workplace? It is truly said that a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected and this results when …

How to improve your work efficiency by staying away from negative thoughts?

Posted By: smartData January 25, 2021

Staying positive all the time is a tough job. Your mind keeps playing games with you. It is obvious to think negative thoughts more often however it promotes fear and uncertainty in life. If you find yourself obsessing over negative thoughts all the time, the following tips can help you to stay positive and restart …

Tips to grow professionally as you work from home

Posted By: smartData December 7, 2020

Working from home due to an emergency health crisis is the new normal nowadays however pandemic should not halt your professional growth. Face to face interactions enhance team productivity and various technology tools have made the remote interactions quite easy. Below are some useful tips which you can follow to boost your career growth while …

How One Bad Employee Can Spoil the Whole Team at Workplace?

Posted By: smartData July 30, 2020

When we were kids, we all have heard this quote quite frequently and we hardly understood the real meaning behind this line. But as we are professionals now and we work in teams with our peers, these lines or statements makes sense and we can relate them. “Either a bad fish or a rotten apple, …

How Ambitious a Professional Should Be During These Uncertain Times

Posted By: smartData June 19, 2020

One of the most inspiring lines, “My ambition far exceeds my talents,” said by Johnny Depp’s character George Chung. “Ambition is the most important tool to achieving success, overriding both talent and resources by far”. Being a Professional is not just about creativity and ambition – it’s also having the right mindset to make things …

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