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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

In this fast-paced and competitive environment, we have forgotten to maintain our healthy habits. And gradually that hard-earned money will one day be wasted on medicines and treatments.

What is the problem, then?

It is time management. A good night’s sleep, proper distribution of our daily tasks and activities, nutritional monitoring, etc. However, all of this takes a lot of time and effort when done the old-fashioned way. Hence the emergence of lifestyle apps.

Lifestyle mobile apps are conquering the mobile app market as they simplify our daily needs. Every day, these applications keep us updated with healthy habits, remind us to go to the gym or drink enough water, help us not to miss the meeting with our friends, advise us on new books, plan our curriculum, etc. This is how lifestyle mobile apps make our life easier, brighter, and tension-free.

Lifestyle mobile apps are not only convenient services for users but also prestigious business tools. They are modern marketing tools and act as an effective communication channel. It has also provided job opportunities to various health coaches and personal trainers in this work environment.

Check our few lifestyle application that encourages mothers to stay fit

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FemTech- The Technology Shaping the Future of Women's Health

Women experience unique health issues whether it is Reproductive health, infertility, maternal health, post-natal depression, breast cancer, PCOD, menopause, etc. A proper guidance by advocating, evidence-based programs and community health, can avoid any life-threatening situation.


What is Health Information Exchange(HIE)?

Electronic exchange of clinical information permits doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other health care providers, and patients to retrieve and securely share a patient's vital medical information electronically—improving the speed, quality, safety, coordination, and cost of patient care.

Health Information Exchange

Clinical Trials

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc throughout the country and the healthcare system. However, telemedicine is stepping up as the spotlight helping healthcare providers and caregivers better respond to the needs of the patients

Clinical Trials
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