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Training and Fitness App -Healthcare Advancements

Posted By: smartData July 19, 2021

Keeping the current global health crisis into consideration, The fitness and training apps can cater to the needs of individuals who require a platform where one can keep track record of his/her fitness and follow a training plan by getting inline with the fitness coach. The fitness coach provides fitness and training plans on the …

Food, Logistics, and On-Time Delivery!

Posted By: smartData July 14, 2020

The rise in investment in software solutions by food and beverage industries have made technology the most sought after ingredient. Adapting to the changing times and fulfilling the growing demands of consumer food habits, delivery to doorsteps is inevitable. From grocery delivery to fast food deliveries, restaurants and small business owners are seeking new ways to collaborate with shippers to deliver meals and local produce.

Tracing and Tracking Apps for Coronavirus and the Hidden Success Belief

Posted By: smartData June 10, 2020

Bluetooth-enabled mobile apps are offering new solutions to track coronavirus and paint a clear picture of this pandemic. Data is the key to fight Covid, however, the success of these applications is largely dependent on the number of downloads- an old problem for the success of any app! The number suggested by researches at Covid …

How COVID-19 Have Changed the Business Strategy of Online Retailers

Posted By: smartData April 24, 2020

The outbreak of coronavirus is a serious market disaster. It is the latest reminder that businesses must plan and prepare for the unexpected to be agile and resilient. In order to adapt rapidly, the retail industries need to reorganize the market and operating models. Consumer behavior, product demand, and the availability of retail, factory, and …

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