Meet with team smartData

April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

Today corporate companies are all about productivity and getting their job done. Employees punch in and sit for long hours till the work is done, which leads to reduced output.

To give them space from their hectic schedule and break the pattern of tedium. Outbound training programs are a great initiative by the management to provide employees with a new environment that enables them to rediscover the spark of their minds. This sounds exactly like taking a vacation.

Outbound training is a mixture of adventure, outdoor and group development exercises. This program is designed to challenge the team to plan, strategize and work together.

This time the Business development team of smartData got the opportunity to be part of an outbound program to enhance self-development, teamwork and leadership. This program was initiated by the team of the Prasanchetas Foundation.

Aim of Training

Encourage the team to come up with fresh ideas to implement the new learning and experiences. Reassures to implement the ideas in the real-time scenario.

When communication strategizes well among the team, they understand the goals, strengths, weaknesses and the process involved in various communication modes.

It Re-energizes the team, builds a stronger bond and provides tremendous hidden benefits to the organization. Raise the motivational level of participants, which leads to a positive and cooperative work environment.

  • Morning Trek

    Trekking was an exclusive experience for the members to test their abilities and outgrow beyond their limits.

  • Breathing Exercises

    Breath is the bridge that connects life to consciousness. The key purpose is to help members to find a connection with their breath and, most importantly, have self-realization.

  • Meditational Activities

    As smartData always took the initiative for the health and wellness of their employees. We ensure to give our employees a healthy and peaceful environment. Such activities help to realize the need for self-care and fulfil all our responsibilities with determination.

  • Hug the Tree

    We also connect our team with the real luxuries of life i.e. Air, Water and sunshine. Each member hugs a tree and apologizes for all the regrets and guilts that they are carrying with them.

  • Other Activities

    smartData focuses on building skills in sDirects and experienced team members by transforming the experience into effective learning through such programs. We performed some of the activities which are listed below.

    The day started with gratitude and thank you. Every activity has its own meaning and uses that we can implement in our life. These activities are executed by the director of the Prasanchetas Foundation.

    The day started with gratitude and thank you. Every activity has its own meaning and uses that we can implement in our life. These activities are executed by the director of the Prasanchetas Foundation.

  • Dodge the Ball

    This activity was to take the initiative by smarTians to perform and contribute one best when it’s time to perform. It shows that individual performs best when they own a sense of responsibility towards their individual performance.

  • Bucket of Water

    In this activity, members were divided into five teams, and each team was given a task to carry a bucket full of water and move on a certain path. They all share one common objective despite individual differences.

    The key purpose of this activity was the realization and understanding the fact of how members put in individual efforts in their own unique style to achieve the mission. Each member put their efforts into achieving the final point.

  • Cheers to the Waaoo Moments

    Every member of this program shares their experiences as well as their ups and downs. This activity revives the emotional connection and recollects all the extraordinary and winning moments.

    The key takeaway was to realign one’s sense of belongingness and mutual support along with accolades and achievements.


Good food, the warmth of the fire and great company is pure bliss. Endless laughter and fun around the bonfire make us feel whole. The day ended with a bonfire session where the members shared their journeys and emotional connections with the CEO and smartData as a whole.

Lastly, Corporate team outbound training plays an integral part in advocating the organizational culture. It is a tremendous opportunity for team members to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Such programs are a great initiative to enhance individual and team performance through experiential training. It shapes and grooms the personality of every participant and builds the quality of team building.

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