Developing collaborative analytics systems to gain insights into the entire customer journey, allowing them to activate personalized customer journeys themselves. This being done by use of BigData and AI to allow predictions, patterns and analytics and data visualization for making informed decision pathways. Our data analytics solutions for decoding inventory based on various factors, are particularly beneficial to the sourcing and procurement professions


Business Intelligence and Audience Engagement Software

This application provide statistical analysis services to art marketers (venues). It provides customer information in the form of reports to make intelligent decisions that will save money and time. It helps the arts and entertainment industry understand, develop and engage their audiences in a more sustainable and powerful way. A campaigning tool is also provided for marketing purpose.

  • The main purpose is to provide clients with analysis reports and campaigning tools.
  • Provides information in the form of reports to the venues about their customers, so as to make intelligent decisions to save money and time.
  • Data storage and cleaning (hosting).
  • Three-dimensional views of data using OLAP cubes, Data mining with&nb ....

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Business Automation – Advantages

Yet this isn’t just about replacing your stacks of files with PDFs—automation aims to make the entire process more streamlined, cost-efficient, accessible and error-proof. Automation is the administrator that knows what every division needs, produces every document as it’s needed and never takes a vacation. Automating business process and doing away with non-value-adding human interventions help a lot in efficientbusiness...


Gathering and Providing Information with Business Intelligence

We take business intelligence (BI) in form of: Trends in the IT market, relevant to what we are doing through various social media (Twitter/LinkedIn etc), business and tech news (Business Insights/ TechCrunch, etc) Webinars Internal sessions/ discussions at smartData. Trends/ takeaways from Job channels (Upwork/ business inquiry/ client referrals). VP data trends. Discussions w clients and prospects. Internal company BDG...


Business Intelligence in DXP

BI (Business Intelligence)- Right data at the right time to the Right People to take the Right Decisions Business Intelligence is all about 3 main functions; Access data, Transform data and Present data in smart ways. Business Intelligence (BI) includes the strategies, processes, applications, data, products, technologies, and technical architectures used to support the collection, analysis, presentation, and dissemination of...

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