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While consumer-facing systems and mobile apps are an important resource, different audiences require different information. smartData specializes in building on-demand platforms with mobile-first user experience and fast delivery of products or services.

Below are a few domains where smartData delivers consumer-facing web and mobile app development services:


smartData is an expert in developing B2C on-demand platforms for the consumers that knots the user-generated demand at one place using a mobile-first approach. We have developed popular on-demand web and mobile apps similar to the Uber concept that can be found today in various domains from taxi booking, meal delivery to providing healthcare services. We develop on-demand solutions with one-touch user profile integration, getting on-demand services on your fingertips, simplified ordering with an on-demand solution and comprehensive order tracking for accurate updates, hence have "Uberize the entire Economy".

B2B & B2C:

smartData has been building B2B applications to improve the engagement of our clients with their customers and business associates. We have developed the mobile solutions that involve cameras, GPS and microphone integrations which further push customers to engage more with the company. Our developed solutions provide the ability to scan barcodes and track locations and hence provide the enhanced functionality enriching the B2B client relations.

Our skilled application developers brainstorm to come up with the highly compelling features of the app that can improve both retention and conversion. They will reflect all the customer requirements in the application, making it customer-friendly. In addition, we keep an eye on the future and develop applications that are not likely to lose their relevance in the years to come. We remain updated with the recent advancements in the respective field and try to incorporate them to build the supreme quality of app.

We offer our b2b & b2c solutions in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia too. For any further queries, you can call us or reach us through email at any time. Our technical experts work round-the-clock to serve the customers and fix their queries in the minimum possible time.

Community and social networking:

At smartData, we develop cooperative social media apps that engage your audience and keep them entertained for hours. We leverage on common social media platforms to bring brands and labels closer to their customers. Our social media apps are tailor-made to best reach its target audience and attain its business goals.

Whether it is smartphones or tablets, we create apps for each and every platform. Focused on delivering measurable ROI, our social networking application development solutions help you enhance your online presence, expand your business network, boost conversion rate as well as improve customer satisfaction.

Social solutions that we develop:

  • Custom social networking
  • Messaging apps
  • Video-based networks
  • Social publishing platforms
  • Online polling and reviews

Specific industries that we target for Consumer-facing platform development:

1. Healthcare: We deliver end-to-end healthcare & fitness solutions for higher patient satisfaction. Our provided solutions are integrated with robust, wireless mobile infrastructure to address the rising demand created by the dynamic environment consist of healthcare providers, clinicians, and patients.

The healthcare industry has a wide range of internal and external pressures points that weigh on its transparency and real-time operational visibility across doctors, clinicians, hospital owners, government health departments and insurance companies.

The healthcare services provide benefits to both patients and providers:

  • Preventive care
  • Lower insurance cost
  • Direct patient management
  • Remote health care
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Point-of-care coordination
  • Patient portals
  • Pre-diagnosis
  • Real-time communication

2. Education & E-Learning: Diverse e-Learning solutions built for all kinds of Institutions for the more interactive learning experience are built for more student engagement and teaching enhancements.

For students, our system helps for the following:

  • Assignment tracking system
  • Module assessment mechanism
  • eBook learning

For teachers our system helps for the following:

  • Enhanced eBooks
  • Custom content development
  • Module management system
  • Demonstrative graphic embedment
  • Standardized evaluation process implementation

Benefits of embracing mobile technology for education:

  • Accelerating research and innovation proficiencies
  • Maximizing operational efficiency throughout the institution
  • Systematized document management system
  • Cloud-based video eLearning system for multiple platform streaming
  • Integrated backend systems aiding decision support through multiple devices

3. Social Media, Sports, and entertainment: Custom social media app development to capitalize on massive audiences and gain a competitive advantage with our integrated media & entertainment solutions.

At smartData customers get the flexibility to select from a pool of dedicated resources in various technologies. Our cost-effective mobile app development services scale from career-based web apps to social networking apps. The services extend to community app development, media sharing social apps, dating apps and review rating apps. Custom software development for e-learning covers document management, on-demand consultation with teachers, assessment and evaluation.

4. Retail and E-Commerce: scalable eCommerce, retail & B2B solutions to boost sales Creating “meaningful customer experiences” is the main motto to deliver service in retail and e-commerce platforms.

Areas where smartData provided solutions:

  • Payment integrations
  • User management (user and multi-vendor)
  • Shipping and delivery API integrations
  • Report management
  • Rating and reviews

5. Travel and hospitality:We have developed comprehensive solutions for every segment of the travel and hospitality industry.

Features of smartData’s travel and hospitality software solutions include:

  • Booking and reservation management
  • Service enrolment
  • Travel API integration for live data of traveling

6. Real estate: Mobile apps & web solutions for real estate agents as well as enterprises.

Features of smartData’s real estate software solutions include:

  • Dedicated solutions for brokers, agents, lenders and property managers
  • Category management, postings, and listings
  • Search and advanced search capability
  • Full integration of Google Maps
  • Shopping cart integration with real estate websites
  • Real estate mortgage calculator application development

Be a step ahead and eliminate your competitors as our team of seasoned developers provide you with holistic consumer-facing business solutions.

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