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Event Asset and Space Management

Event, asset and space management

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Space is typically one of the rarest and most expensive assets in real estate. A strategic approach to space management helps property managers increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall experience for tenants and visitors.

We at smartData develop customized and scalable propTech solutions for parties, weddings, seminars, conferences, and conventions to manage the work environment in an efficient and balanced way.

Having the right tools create such an environment that meets business and employee needs easier.

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Platforms like AIRBNB – vocational rental

Platforms like AIRBNB – vocational rental

If you want to personalize your experience of travelling, Our experts will assist you in streamlining and automating all the touchpoints to build a highly scalable and customer-centric online platform for your business.

2/ Coworking space working / Meeting room / Asset

2/ Coworking space working / Meeting room / Asset

Find and book a perfect workspace that suits you. You will be able to work with maximum flexibility and enable financial savings as well as networking through common facilities.

Event Space

Event Space

To get a well organized space for special events. The event management software has the power to aggregate each feature in one place in order to make life easier for event organisers. Whether you need a desk for online employees or move-in ready offices for teams of any size. Our customized solutions will help you with the same.

Virtual Office services

Virtual Office services

From simple business needs to a customer service centre, a virtual office manages the visits and documents of your clients. To enhance productivity, our reliable software solutions provide virtual office services to fulfil customers' needs efficiently. It provides topmost features like seamless communication, save money, maintain professionalism and improving productivity.

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Virtual Work Space Booking Platform

The platform offers virtual office services, meeting rooms, event and co-working spaces through a network of established partners. Companies and professionals can search and compare venues from a listing of available spaces based on location and service type. The space can be rented from long term to short terms upto few hours as well. A web dashboard for users is [...]

  • Extensive search based on location, price, space type and amenities
  • Map view of spaces
  • Partners can add and manage space and services - description, images, room size, availability, extended bookings, prices, rules and policies
  • Verified virtual office services
  • Calendar management for booking of venue spaces - manages time, date, no. of at

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Virtual tour app

The application converts a tourist place, historical place or any national park into virtual zones and take a tour. The owner or supervisor of space can provides users with smart devices or machines with API to access virtual spaces. The app is developed for the virtual zoning and tourism sector. A unique approach to geo-enclosing polygonal or polyhedral spaces for [...]

  • Creating virtual zones and sub zones
  • Creating virtual tours of places
  • Adding images, welcome text, welcome audio and videos to zones
  • Multi-tenant system for place owners
  • Ordered (defined tours) or random (unordered tours) can be added
  • Ability to work without phone network connection

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