Automation or RPA have led to many advancements in the agriculture, manufacturing, food packaging and distribution sectors, enabling mass-scale. A focus on a sustainable economy for the food industry is driven by traceability, just-in time inventory management, health and safety needs, allowing more cloud-based systems to improve the flow of units.


Best Selling Web Portal

The system is developed for electronic processing of orders, deviation management, statistics, and contract follow-up. The key users involved on these platforms are clients, reviewers, suppliers, and administrators. The key purpose of this platform is to automate the food ordering and management system to supply quality food on a timely basis to the clients (military personnel) and keep a check [...]

- Clients can place orders, request price infor ....

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On demand food ordering app

It is an on-demand online ordering app that helps in making food ordering from a nearby restaurant and having it delivered to their home as simple as possible for their customers.  The users according to their current location can search, find, choose any nearby restaurant and add meals to their cart, then enter their personal information to place the order. This order will [...]

- Users can search nearby restaurants to place ....

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Restaurant Food Delivery Services

The entire website provides an online market of services that can be ordered online. The application targets restaurants that offer food delivery services. With the help of the application, the users are able to view particular restaurant details and facilities to browse menus and order food. This website provides restaurants with a convenient and feature-rich restaurant management system. The service [...]

  • The website is used as a platform to se ....

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Food ordering

It's a food ordering site with extensive features with ordering, keeping track of purchases, unlocking rewards, menu/nutritional information along with notifications for the latest events and offers.

  • Admin will add food menus and location ....

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Impact of AI in Online Food Delivery

The food delivery sector is quite active, and it is always developing to provide better consumer experiences by employing current technologies. For the industry, digitalization was a watershed moment. The internet meal delivery sector is at its pinnacle, as we all know, especially during the shutdown period. The notion of online meal delivery was in the market even before AI...

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