Foodtech companies and startups are creating sustainable marketplaces, synthesizing food in new ways, and outlining new standards.

The foodtech market size is $220.32 bn, and as per market research reports, this will exceed 342 bn USD by 2027. To offer a connected experience to their audience and consumers, the need to digitize physical spaces and provide alternative online solutions is high among restaurants owners, chefs, and all food enthusiasts.

Software can move all operations online and automate many, including payments, ordering, delivery, kitchen operations and staffing.

Online platforms and technology expand convenience and choice. Digitizing the customer experience overcomes the barriers from varying time zones, languages, availability, accessibility and delivery. smartData is helping clients achieve the desired experience for their customers by designing and developing tech-enabled solutions for all the micro-moments of the customer food ordering journey; via self-service kiosks or voice-enabled ordering at drive-thru, establishing the need for more dedicated fulfillment centers and ghost kitchens for on-time deliveries.

Addressing the demands of both consumer-facing and B2B market, smartData expertise in automating inventory replenishment and shelf life of products, meal last-mile deliveries and tracking, social networking for guided cooking, personalized nutrition, aggregation, promotions and other segments of the food industry.

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Impact of AI in Online Food Delivery

The food delivery sector is quite active, and it is always developing to provide better consumer experiences by employing current technologies. For the industry, digitalization was a watershed moment. The internet meal delivery sector is at its pinnacle, as we all know, especially during the shutdown period. The notion of online meal delivery was in the market even before AI...


Digital Transformation in Food Delivery & Restaurant Industry

Let us first understand the difference between restaurant and cloud kitchens. A cloud kitchen or ghost kitchen serves as a delivery-only kitchen. They run on online ordering through different food delivery websites/apps such as Door dash, Uber eats, etc., and don’t have a physical dining-in facility. Whereas the traditional restaurants reflect their ambiance, service, and interior decoration. Pandemic has changed...


Food, Logistics, and On-Time Delivery!

The rise in investment in software solutions by food and beverage industries have made technology the most sought after ingredient. Adapting to the changing times and fulfilling the growing demands of consumer food habits, delivery to doorsteps is inevitable. From grocery delivery to fast food deliveries, restaurants and small business owners are seeking new ways to collaborate with shippers to...

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