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Healthcare and Compliance

Health apps have a direct impact on one’s life. These vary in a variety of ways ranging from wellness, telehealth, chronic care, acute care platforms, etc. A large set of data is stored, transferred, and used within and even outside of these applications.

This is the point where the role of data security comes into the picture. Various healthcare compliances such as HIPAA/ HITECH take care of sensitive patient data. Therefore, a checklist of various technical safeguards needs to be followed while creating an application where health data is used.

The rapid consumer adoption of wearable devices has further aided the process. Such health data is at the heart of every good healthcare platform today and with the right use of such health records, the healthcare industry is saving a lot of revenue and taking a big leap in the recent innovations.

Such solutions require a good experience with electronic and physical claim submission, eligibility check & pre-authorization i.e. CMS-1500, UB-04, EDI 837/835/999/270,271. Regulations to secure Protected Health Information (ePHI) are very strict, and complying with them can be very difficult. These critical features are fulfilled by utilizing encryption to ensure the security of data, both while in transit and at rest, and therefore, help to safeguard and protect ePHI.

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