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Healthcare Industry in 2020

With a focus on the patient journey, the healthcare industry continues its demands for improved outcomes, affordability, and easy access by leveraging technology and innovations. The year 2020 is going to push the existing shift from profit-making to providing values in terms of cost, quality, and outcomes in the healthcare business model.
Digital technology and AI/ML played a crucial role in the past couple of years. Tech-giants are further spending billions of dollars into R&D to develop platforms that can enhance consumer engagement. Interoperability is in the frontline to promote data aggregation for building precise predictive and analytical platforms.

To improve the overall population health, the healthcare industry is following a holistic approach. Innovations are integrated to reduce the mental or behavioral health disorders. The pharmacy system will also be high on the agenda for its rising costs and the possibility to utilize innovations in supply chain and delivery services.

As the presidential elections are nearing, healthcare regulations are going to be a subject of discussion.  While healthcare affordability and expenditure are concerns of governments, the uncertainties are continuously rising. To add these, economic instabilities due to global-politics and COVID-19 conditions have also impacted the healthcare industry.

The stakeholders who will keep an eye for innovations and best practices can get over the unpredictability and instability in the industry. The government is flooding money in healthcare and with planned, associative, and programmatic decisions will help businesses thrive in the new decade.

At smartData, we have always analyzed the market situations carefully and developed several applications that are going to serve the demands in the healthcare industry. Here is a glimpse:

  1. Patient relationship management system : A unique Patient Relationship Management system that strengthens doctor-patient relations by ensuring a constant stream of communication through a customized appointment reminder and enables the practice to effortlessly and instantly send reminders, recalls, notifications and education to patients via e-mail, SMS and telephone.
  2. HEDIS analytical platform: HEDIS analytics platform integrates consumer, clinical, provider and payer data into actionable information that healthcare stakeholders can readily use to improve the health of their patients and populations. The platform is on HEDIS quality measure reporting rules driven by data extracted from more than 15 EMR systems.
  3. Behavioral EHR & PMS: A web-based solution designed to simplify and organize processes required to operate in mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services for a healthcare organization. It provides on-demand, secure, and controlled access to critical company data, client data, and documentation.
  4. Inview Analytics : Inview Analytics is a SAAS based Pharmacy inventory reporting and analytics solution. Its objective is to keep a track and manage inventories, forecasting of undersupply and oversupply of inventory. It also provides a market place to communicate and intra-pharmacy stock transfer including inventory shipping and orders.
  5. Covid-19 Apps: A social distancing app is developed for United Nations Call for Action for the COVID19 Crisis to help people Social Distance. The app encourages Social Distancing which has shown to reduce crowding at parks, grocery stores, pharmacies, and doctor’s clinics by 50% during the current pandemic. The App allows people and store owners to update the current crowd at a location so that others – especially the elderly, vulnerable, and healthcare workers.
  6. Myeloma Care Management System: It is a patient-led crowd sourcing and crowd funding initiative for multiple myeloma research for high-risk blood cancer patients. The platform is specifically intended for patients with plasma cell dyscrasias. It includes data aggregation from patient inputs and integrated EHR. The systems is primarily intended for better understanding of patient’s disease and enhance their participation in choosing the therapeutic options utilizing data for possible prescriptive and predictive analytics and future goal of targeted therapy.
  7. Quealth : This has been listed under fortune 500 apps. We have developed a custom algorithm to focus on 5 major Health Risk Assessments namely Diabetes, Lung, COPD, Dementia, and Cancer. The applications serve as Virtual Health Coach to the users and the questions asked are invoke the respective triggers in the respective HRA (Health Risk Assessments). It learns itself, and even updates some of the other areas of the Application based on user inputs to the chat.

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