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smartData team of experts provides comprehensive patient care applications which support proactive, predictive, personalized care delivery and management. It involves enabling better outcomes, improving patient and clinician experiences in care pathways, thus reducing health care costs, removing inefficiencies in workflows and maximizing convergence of capabilities.

Empower, Enable, Scale - via Healthcare Platforms

This provides enhance value for our customers and partners by using patient healthcare data for process improvement, product development and value proposition enhancements. At the same time, continue to create new monetization models through effective use of the platform and patient experience.

Digital patient platforms designed for intent and unified experiences


Clinical care

Clinical workflow applications developed by smartData are targeted at solving critical workflows central to healthcare organizations today. Our developed solutions provides for deep integrations with healthcare applications and EHRs like Nextgen, Allscripts, GE, Epic eClinicalWorks (ECW), IMS, Greenway, ends etc.


Cloud based Platform for Employee Benefits

An intelligently designed PMS for both prenatal and postpartum care that comprehensively captures and manages all data points of the patient journey arising from examinations and patient diagnosis. It includes the first-trimester risk calculator, which is available to FMF certifiedand registered practitioners. The product streamlines the processes of documenting and evaluating patient diagnoses. Based on the data captured the proposed product will also be able to make suggestions to further improve the existing workflow.

Acute Care Telehealth EHR

To promote better health for seniors by providing long-term and post-acute care facilities, an innovative electronic medical record software, thereby improving quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of care. It collects information about patient demographics, presenting complaints, assessments, referrals, and assists in monitoring trends in patient conditions. It also monitors patient compliance and provides access to primary care and care coordination among care providers to help improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. Read more

Chronic Disease Management Platform

The application identifies and provides individualized care coaching to problems/risks through HRA of patients. It is designed to improve the health of employee population and reduce health care costs. Care managers are responsible for risk identification through assignments and advice solutions to overcome health issues by medicines and exercises. Daily tracking to let users keep on track. Booking appointments, scheduling in order to council users. It has interfaces for care manager, patient and super admin. Read more

Acute Care Telehealth EHR
Chronic Disease Management Platform

Enhancing care delivery through data and technology interventions optimizes diagnosis for disease management and prevention in various chronic and other illnesses.

Our team of over 250+ developers in Microsoft and open source stack is ably supported by specialist healthcare consultants with an average of 12-15 years of industry experience and comprises domain experts, tech experts and doctors to form a compact 360-degree delivery mechanism.

To deliver a great CX, infrastructure of an organization needs correction. Fulfilment must be efficient. No matter how good the product or service is, all touchpoints through the customer journey must come together.

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Rating and Review Platform for Fuel Bunkers

A SAAS based platform addressing patients' need for speciality care. Provider and patients can connect through video consultation and have access to other features like: SAAS based solution supporting multi tenancy approach Two way video consultation for patient and providers Video recording functionality Two way phone consultation Scheduling for on demand consultation and future appointments Choose preferred pharmacy Read more

Multichannel Telehealth Platform

The objective of the application is to help patients/users connect with clinical athletic trainers. Multiple institutions like colleges, hospitals, industrial facilities, etc. are using the app to deliver quality care to their providers and users. The platform helps patients in preliminary analysis of their injury. In case of any urgency, the app prompt users to take actions such as remotely consult with the practitioners in real-time or connect with the nearby emergency rooms. The app also provides complete injury analyses supported by AI. Read more

Menopause Method app

The objective of the application is to help patients stay compliant with their hormones by reminding them to take specific dosages (drops) of the four primary hormones at the times of day and amounts that their doctor has determined (and pushed to the patient's app). It helps women be an active part of their treatment including an interactive means of adjusting their dosages (especially through the initial titration phase). Patients can also communicate with their doctor and request refills. Doctor can check on the status of patients, refer to existing questionnaires, use calculators to adjust dosages. Read more

SaaS based telehealth solution
Menopause Method app

smartData, has developed multiple variants of telemedicine based, scheduling based, and analytics-based applications to enhance patient care and value. They provide a seamless experience in patient journeys/outcomes and are designed towards creating data sources for insights while building a virtual care platform echo system around it.

What is Fall Detection?

The pandemic has been and continues to be a great learning experience for everyone around the globe. While we continue to battle the virus, it has without a doubt changed more than just our hobbies, lifestyle, and shopping habits.

Digital Customer Experience

IoMT(Internet of Medical Things): Revolution in the Healthcare

IoMT is the Internet-connected medical devices, infrastructure hardware & digital applications used to connect healthcare IT. This is a patient-centric approach enabling patients to transfer medical data easily, helping to reduce medical visits.

Internet of Medical Things

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials is the scientific study of drugs in human. It refers to any testing done on human beings for the sake of determining the value of a treatment for the sick or for preventing disease or sickness. In other terms, it's a human experiment designed to study the efficacy and safety of a new drug/ intervention.

Care Gaps in Healthcare
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