Worldwide the aging population and the growing number of serious health concerns is putting the healthcare industry under tremendous pressure to provide better care and patient experience at a significantly reduced cost.

This means using knowledge and technology in a more resourceful way from the initial admittance to the final billing.

smartData help our busy clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare solutions for their patients by working on all aspects of healthcare segments Clinical , Wellness and HIX and have provided solutions ranging from Clinical based EHR to extensive Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems.


Clinical –

Healthcare industry at the core is maximizing value for patients: that is, achieving the best outcomes at the lowest cost. We have moved away from a supply-driven health care system organized around what physicians do and toward a patient-centered system organized around what patients need (Value based system). It has restructured how health care delivery is organized, measured, and reimbursed. smartData has implemented the transition of software from Computer-Based Patient Record to enterprise of health care’s transformation, catering to mobile clinicians who have little use for tethered technology.

smartData fullfilled the following industry specific needs on the clinical side for its customer

  • Custom Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems.
  • Custom e-prescribing (eRx) software development and integration services to 3rd parties including Sure-scripts, DrFirst , First Data Bank.
  • Medical Data analytics engine based on HEDIS measures.
  • Practice Management System.
  • Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).
  • Clinical Quality Measures (CQM).
  • PCMH Level3 EHR for Primary care, which is being certified by NCQA and now moving towards ICSA certification.
  • MU2 , MU 3 Certified EHR systems from Drummond and Complysys.



Health Information Exchange (HIE) can mean different things to different people. For us, it means the sharing of clinical, administrative, and at times financial content between healthcare providers for the purposes of making that content reusable and actionable at the moment it’s needed.

Some of the implementation we have done are:-

  • Custom HL7 interoperability messaging orchestration and mapping for HIPAA compliant Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems.
  • Integration with billing and claims platforms using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transaction sets including 270/271 (eligibility / benefit inquiry & response), 835/837 (health care claim & health care claim payment), 834 (benefit enrollment & maintenance), and 276/277 (health care claim status request & health care information status notification).

  • Integrated systems using popular healthcare IT standards such as-
    1. Health Level 7 (HL7) versions 2 and 3
    2. Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
    3. FHIR
    4. Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12
    5. National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) Script
    6. Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)
    7. Electronic Data Interchange for Administration
    8. Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT) and interface engines Redox , Mirth and much more along with customization for custom interfaces
  • QRDA I and QRDA III XML files


Wellness – The cost of healthcare and more informed patients are putting more emphasis on prevention and overall well being than traditional healthcare. To capitalize on this change, healthcare companies and insurance providers are offering incentive programs that support prevention and an early detection through healthier habits. smartData has created sophisticated wellness and health risk assessment platforms that are helping businesses stay competitive by promoting an environment of wellness, prevention, and reduced healthcare costs.

Some of them are:-

  • HIPAA compliant mobile apps/web solutions for healthcare consumers to actively track and manage fitness, healthy living and well-being.
  • Health, Wellness, fitness Apps.
  • Tele-Health / Tele Medicine.
  • Live Support for therapies.
  • Group Counseling.
  • Virtual Coach and Recommendation Engine.
  • Wearable devices apps for fitness , healthy living & well-being ( Blood Sugar Tracker ,Weight Planner).

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