Hybrid apps have evolved a lot since it started as an option. For any company, it gives a good option to get the MVP done and gauge the future of the product. These actually provide the best of both worlds – native apps & web apps.

Like Web apps, they use HTML rendering within the browser embedded in the app. And like the native apps, they need to be downloaded from the stores. And with most advanced programming options available, they use the almost all the features of the devices without any performance trade-off.

hybridImage Source:- Upwork

The new generation frameworks for the hybrid apps have resolved many limitations and answer the reservations – usability, performance, device access, SDKs, UI and many more.

When you are on a limited budget or a tight timeline, then we recommend going for a hybrid solution. Based on a rough estimate, the hybrid app costs 60% – 70% of native apps, and can save as much as 40% development time.

But we are in no situation biased for hybrid apps, but we assist you to carefully make a decision. Our consultation process takes you through the analysis of your requirements and judge all the aspects – before deciding on using Native or Hybrid App. And in both case, it is important for us to ensure a quality designed app – as this is what matters the most.

The hybrid tools which we use:

  • IONIC Framework
  • REACT Native
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Kendo UI
  • Xamarin

We always strive to provide quality solutions that are designed to boost your ROI. Please contact us for free consultation.

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