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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

Around the world, the instances of coronavirus have expanded to a disturbing number in only half a month. Organizations and associations are requesting that their employees to work from home. Numerous schools and colleges have moved to online classes and deferred the assessments.

Working from home can be a tedious task as you are not going to follow your normal routine. Also if you’re a first-time worker from your sofa or if you’re a manager who takes care of the success and efficiency of their team, you can achieve the results even though you work at home.

Desktop/Laptop malfunctioning, Poor internet connection, low quality video calls, complexity in using new software are the most regular work-from home issues.

Best practices making your work from home more convenient

  • Setting up your home office is a cool way to start your work from home routine professionally however keep your gadgets to minimum.

  • May be you’re using laptops for work and can experience smaller screen issue, by adding another monitor with high resolution can resolve the screen issues.

  • With a good wireless headset, ear buds having low noise microphone, good quality webcam and a light therapy lamp you can improve the quality of video and phone calls.

  • It can be possible that your internet speed may vary from one room to another. Adding an access point can resolve this issue and if the speed still seems slow contact your internet provider.

  • Use your mobile hot spot as a backup of Wi-Fi failure. Cellular companies’ handles large number of customers and their bandwidth issue is comparatively lower than your Wi-Fi.

  • Do not start working in casual night suits. Get dressed in comfortable clothes and you will be feel more organized.

  • Prepare yourself with the proper technology aids like your laptop or desktop, a good &secure internet connection through VPN.

  • Physical problems like body pain in wrist, neck and back are common factors experiencing while working from home. Ergonomic keyboard, wireless mouse, a well-built office chair and a standing desk can set aside these body pains.

  • Collaborating with your team can be a tedious task however using few and consensus team collaboration tools like slack, Google app’s suite helps to avoid workplace tension.

  • Follow your schedule to avoid any delay in delivering the project and tasks on time.

  • Take short breaks and have tea or coffee. Listen to podcast and resume the work after it.

  • Manage any distraction as it is easy to get distracted when working from home. Simple mantra is to embrace them. Ask your family members to cooperate.

  • In the current coronavirus pandemic situation, increase your productivity by following above steps. Stay at home & stay safe.

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