Worldwide the aging population and the growing number of serious health concerns is putting the healthcare industry under tremendous pressure to provide better care and patient experience at a significantly reduced cost. This means using knowledge and technology in a more resourceful way from the initial admittance to the final billing. smartData help our busy clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare solutions for their patients.

We service the following healthcare sectors:

Healthcare Providers

We assist both large and small healthcare providers in the delivery of high-quality care with innovative and most cost-effective solutions. We have developed comprehensive suites of healthcare products for the primary care, specialty care, nursing care, dentistry, and behavioral healthcare.

Our healthcare solutions include:

  • EHR and EMR implementation
  • Practice Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • ICD-10 Transition
  • Medication Management
  • Care Management
  • Clinical Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Hospital Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Health Insurance Providers

The health insurance industry is undergoing constant changes due to the new healthcare reforms and regulatory mandate. The insurance payers are embracing new technology and organizational restructuring in order to reduce cost, improve efficiencies, and eliminate costly errors.

Our healthcare insurance solutions include:

  • Claim Adjudication and Processing
  • Manage care Product Configuration and Implementation
  • ICD 10- 5010 Conversions
  • EDI and Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • CRM Solution and Analytics
  • Privacy and Security
  • Claims Auditing and Reporting

Wellness and Prevention Program Providers

The cost of healthcare and more informed patients are putting more emphasis on prevention and overall well being than traditional healthcare. To capitalize on this change, healthcare companies and insurance providers are offering incentive programs that support prevention and an early detection through healthier habits. smartData has created sophisticated wellness and health risk assessment platforms that are helping businesses stay competitive by promoting an environment of wellness, prevention, and reduced healthcare costs.

Healthcare industries need to use technologies resourcefully in a way that offers convenient to both patients and healthcare professionals. smartData helps such clients deliver more efficient and effective medical practice management software solutions. Our software solutions are both efficient and affordable. Our team of developers has developed custom software for a variety of healthcare products. In addition, our healthcare solutions also include practice management, regulatory compliance, business intelligence and clinical analytics solutions and more. Our aim is to help you provide more cost efficient solutions to your own clients.

The economical savings the internet can provide a business with are nothing less than impressive, especially for the customer services. The internet has changed the way large and small companies conduct business and service their clients. The world is moving towards e-business which requires more ?adaptive enterprises?. To be successful online, companies need to deliver their services much faster by adapting the business automation technology.

Reasons to Switch to Business Automation:

  • Interconnects all applications and business partners
  • Makes services easily accessible through new web-based user interfaces
  • Streamlines existing processes
  • Offers more efficient alternatives to standard business practices
  • Provides paperless work and record keeping which cuts costs and helps the environment
  • Reduces expensive labor
  • Increase productivity

Business automation will benefit your business by unburdening your workforce, improving accuracy, enhancing auditability, increasing processing speed, and reducing training, all the while still ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management / CRM / POS and Inventory Management

Efficient Supply Chain Management is required for any business to succeed in the increasingly competitive global marketplace. Businesses need to seek new ways to reduce costs and increase profitability in order to improve their cash flow and stay viable. Improved operational and supplier performance is necessary to move towards a dynamic, real-time business growth.
This requires all systems within a business to be connected to each other. smartData applications include features that have automated entire business processes including lead generation, procurement, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. They also include automated and streamlined business processes, organizational structure, products, and supply chain management, as well as the management of their customer and vendor related processes. Our business transformation program cover the following segments.

  • Point of Sales and Inventory Management System
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Supply Chain Risk and Performance Management System
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Booking Applications for Travel and Transportation
  • Dispatching Software

Compliance and Business Transformation

Organizations need solutions that allow them to automate their business processes and reduce the overall costs. Our team will determine the best solution to support your processes while effectively managing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance. Although many IT departments are controlling costs through labor-reducing automation of provisioning and patching, the demands of compliance automation are increasingly complex.

Our expertise in compliance includes:

  • PCI Compliance: Retail, ecommerce, hospitality and financial
  • AS/NZ/4801; Organizational health compliance
  • FSA: Debit card compliance
  • Health Risk Management
  • HIPAA & HITECH Compliance: Healthcare providers and Healthcare suppliers

Data Aggregator and Analytics

Data analysis is process of collecting or aggregating data and cleaning, inspecting and transforming it for data modeling purpose. It helps with on – demand report generation and highlighting information to support decision making. Data analysis can be done through different modelling techniques in order to assist in research and filtering huge data set with statistical based factual data in order to remove human bias.

At smartData, our clients rely on us to develop new solutions that automate their business processes and reduce their costs. We have automated business processes that include lead generation, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and more. Our data reporting software assist in the adaption of business automation technologies. Our customized automation solutions will make your ROI multiplying by unburdening your workforce, reducing the time it takes for you to train staff, increase processing speed and of course, ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our experts have also developed business automation systems for complex business processes, products, supply chain management, customer management, and processes related to vendors.

A recent marketing study revealed there are more than 73 million people in the United States using smartphones on a regular basis. That 73 million people represents more than 30% of all mobile phone users. According to a different study, 70% of all smartphone uses have downloaded at least one mobile app.

A mobile app is a functioning website that a person can use directly from their smartphone or mobile device. smartData can transform your existing website and turn it into a professional and convenient mobile application. We will make sure it looks proffesional and works perfectly regardless of what kind of mobile device is being used to access it.

Benefits of Mobile Apps:

  • More convenient for your customers
  • Keeps your business on the cutting edge of technology
  • Customer can make purchases anywhere

smartData creates Mobile Apps for the following devices:


We have worked on fairly large and complex iOS Apps in the past targeted to iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. With Apple?s focus on delivering quality experience and ease of use through its interface, we have designed and developed elegant and beautiful apps catering to different domains like Social Networking, Navigation and Lifestyle. Our features and technology experience includes:

  • Geotagging/Geofencing
  • APNS
  • Chat through push notifications
  • Consuming API?s and web services
  • Multilingual Support
  • Real Time navigation
  • In-app purchase
  • iAds integration
  • Graphs and Charts implementation


With a greater control over customization and ability to tweak the device functionality, Android platform opens a whole new world for app developers to bring their creative ideas to reality. We have developed innovative utility apps catering to Healthcare, Fitness and Real Estate domains.

Our features and technology experience includes:

  • NFC
  • GCM/C2DM Notification
  • Chat through push notifications
  • Multilingual Support
  • Native Music Player Integration
  • Real Time navigation
  • PDF creation and integration


With the number of content centric apps increasing day by day, app developers are realizing the benefits of using hybrid technologies for developing the content based apps. This approach allows the developers to unleash the power of web in developing mobile apps quickly and economically.

Our features and technology experience includes:

  • Ionic
  • HTML5
  • GPS
  • Multilingual Support
  • Two-way Sync
  • Device Camera integration
  • Custom Calendar
  • Address book integration

Our expertise as mobile application developers extends to complex iOS apps, Android and Hybrid apps. smartData Enterprises has served more than a 1000 customers since 1996 which also makes us one of the most experienced mobile development companies.

Our business is at level 3CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) with three development centers across India. Contact us today.

Since the majority of consumers are online, it is essential that every modern business invests in internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media optimization (SMO) services. Businesses need a high search engine ranking and a strong social media presence to succeed in the global market. If a consumer does not see your website when they perform an online search, they will end up choosing one of your competitors instead.

The experienced internet marketing team at smartData specializes in implementing proven SEO strategies that will give your website the search ranking it deserves. We start by researching your business and its competitors, and then develop an SEO strategy suited to your company?s specific online needs. Search engines use specific algorithms to determine what websites will rank the highest for specific keywords and it helps to work with a company that understands how to use them effectively

In past couple of years Google have changed its algorithm and is penalizing websites that are doing SPAMMING in terms of duplicate content, low quality links and black hat SEO. Major updates were:

  1. Google Caffeine Update
  2. Google May Day Update
  3. Panda Update
  4. Penguin Update
  5. EMD Update
  6. Penguin 2.0

We are a results-driven online marketing company that provides a broad range of all-inclusive online services and have a proven track record for getting companies top search rankings and significantly more traffic and conversions.

Our Internet Marketing Services:

Search Engine Optimization

We offer SEO packages for basic business needs, as well as advanced SEO for those who require a more aggressive approach. We utilize the expertise of our team members, and streamline services to bring you an unparalleled SEO experience.

Social Media Optimization

Our social media optimization or SMO services is a smart and efficient tool to build and maintain the online reputation of your website. In addition to diverting regular traffic to your website and creating possible link and route to your website, our SMO techniques and solutions also focus on online marketing and brand building.

Pay-per-click Strategies

Pay Per Click marketing has become the standard for obtaining guaranteed top search engine positions in many of today?s top search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. This method of search engine marketing will not only allow your web site to reach over 80% of all Internet users, but at the same time will allow you an opportunity to sell your products and services directly to those who are searching for them.

Online Reputation Management

Over the last couple of years, the number of people sharing opinions about their experiences has increased dramatically. Many consumers have a difficult time trusting online businesses and one bad review could be all it takes to turn them against you. Positive reviews are powerful testimonials and can be used to market your products/services strengths. We can help you counteract bad publicity and negative online content by creating and promoting positive content you want people to see.

Quality Content Services
You might have heard the saying, ?Content is King?. This was probably said in reference to search engine rankings. Content has a close relation to the ?reputation? of a website in the search engines. The more original the content, the higher the reputation of the website. The more unique the content, the higher the reputation of the website in the search engines.

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