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Financial Economy, popularly known as Fintech drives today's market by bringing transnational management processes online with one click availability of funds. Especially millennials and the following generations prefer quick and easy banking services, payments, loan availability and mortgage over walking to a branch. Appointments with bank consultants and lengthy processes setting up accounts or putting together a portfolio (as two of hundreds of examples where mobile and digital banking services allow for a more frictionless and stress-free process).

Fintech brings about a new paradigm in which information technology is driving innovation in financial software development. It has been driven by compliance and governmental regulations whether it is insurance software or payment app. Business solution has become a major component in terms of business growth.

FinTech is a new industry using technology to improve activities in financial software development and accounting software. smartData has worked on financial analytics and billing covering major industries like healthcare, insurance, and trading. Below is a brief of our work in fintech:

  • Financial analytics: collecting and connecting data from various departments (like HR, marketing, sales, etc.) and applications to a single dashboard. This, in turn, gives the advantage of identifying trends, analyzing meaningful data, finding relations among different entities and making more informed decisions. Also through BI customers can gather performance insights for financial asset management and define investment patterns of their end-users.
  • Insurance and mortgage: Complex algorithms and AI, automate finance and insurance software for reviewing and calculating deductibles, claims, commission, co-pays, and profit margins. It also enables best-matched results for brokers, policies and insurance agents. Thus giving the end-users the benefit to choose and approve the right product/plan and increasing efficiency of your system. Other domains covered are claims processing and medical billing. Electronic submission of data and patient billing brought under one system, allows healthcare providers to charge patients honestly for the care given. The insurance software include revenue and payroll analytics, insurance chatbot and mortgage planning system with the use of financial aggregator services.
  • Money remittance: A recently developed money remittance application automates the business process of transferring money. Major features include real-time transaction tracking and control and customer support through all channels. It supports 16 countries real-time money exchange rates selection- easy online bank to bank transfers.
  • Payment platforms: PCI compliant payment apps secure payment through credit cards, wallet system or third party payment gateways (PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, etc.). Payment apps integrated with features for recurring billing, mobile payments, online banking, donation management and invoicing.
  • Stocks and trading: Trading platforms can help investment managers to optimize performance through stock portfolio management. Users get the advantage to invest or buy/sell stocks and metals through mobile apps. Applications developed at smartData have features for financial risk management to evaluate market/credit risks and notify financial institutions. In addition to this dashboards state statistical data in real-time and POS (point of sale) applications automate capturing of transactions.

smartData’s portfolio of financial software includes development of insurance platform for Fortune 500 company, analytics and trade surveillance solutions and applications related to investor relations and proximity solicitation.

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