Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
smartData is one of the premier search engine optimization companies providing top notch SEO marketing services. Our professional SEO services are designed to take you from start to finish. Our search engine optimization experts will work with you to create a search engine marketing strategy that makes more sense for your business, help you understand who your competitors are, and show you which keywords are most important to target for accomplishing both your short and long term goals.Our digital marketing services will ensure the following results:

  • Reach your targeted audience
  • Increase the visibility
  • Web Recognition
  • Ranking on Top
  • Getting more customers to your doorstep

Quality Assurance (QA)
In developing products and providing services, quality assurance is any standard process of checking to see whether a service or product being developed is meeting specified requirements. smartData have a separate department devoted to quality assurance, so that we ensure to deliver no defect product & services. We have a pool of experienced QA resources well versed with automation tools like selenium.

Creative Designs
An intuitive experience provided by today smartphones and tablets is a foregone conclusion, customer expects us to provide comparable interfaces and experiences.

To fulfill this our approach is centered on both art and technology.

Our team consists of artists who intuit the experiences and capabilities users want, and hard-core technologist who translates the designs into interfaces, customer platforms and other user experienced systems.

Transforming customer experiences through more rewarding experiences that reflects the informed, peer -influenced way the customers are increasingly making purchasing decisions.

Back-End services

Our Back-End services are aimed at identifying prospects for our clients and also ensuring seamless functioning of their businesses.

We help new businesses create their market space, skillfully implement data mining and data validation

  • Compiling market research reports.
  • Identifying potential investors/customers.
  • Soliciting price quotes from different vendors.
  • Offering an empathizing and converting Customer Support.

We also leverage our expertise to facilitate uninterrupted operation of complex business processes, such as e-commerce management. Additionally, our Customer Support expert is able to maintain customer engagements so your businesses can attain new and recurring sales.

We let you focus on your core competency – by being your reliable Virtual Assistant!

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