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Business Meet, US – Q1 2019

Healthcare Business Consultant, smartData, is currently on a visit to 4 US states to meet the existing clients and potential clients. Her till date visits include clients in the healthcare industry- Microsoft group, Google health cloud experts, Homecare group, Clinical quality measures, Telehealth platform and more visits are planned. She aims at sharing these multiple advanced learning to her team at smartData so that they can pass these benefits to their clients.

Client Visit – Q1 2019

It’s sheer pleasure to welcome our clients at smartData. The team working with the client has gathered from all branches to discuss the multiple projects running and prioritize the upcoming tasks. When asked the client about their visit, they replied, “The visit to sD office has been amazing. We have been welcomed like family. Seeing you all again soon.”

Discussing New Business Opportunities

Our Business Consultant visited New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles to discuss the new business opportunity and better understand client’s work process. The visit served multiple purposes of strengthening a 10 years relationship with the client, discussing the future scope and learning the end to end work process to gather more requirements.

Client Visit, Healthcare

We are delighted to welcome Healthcare specialist from NY at smartData. The visit and discussions turned out to be a win-win situation for both the parties. Sharing his experience the client said, “The week spent was very productive. It has been great to meet the team in person to progress our project. The project is with well-equipped developers.”

Client Visit Experience

Our business development associates are regular in client visits and so is our developer community. Whether a client wants his team to work along or he wants them to visit and understand his business, smarTians always respond with a Yes. Recently a smarTian visited a client to gain more insights into their business and yes celebrations were a part of the visit too.

Business Meet Florida, US

For service industry speed is the key. Whether it’s communicating with clients online or getting to meet them in person, staying proactive is a prerequisite. At smartData we believe in strong and healthy relationships with our customers. One successful example is this meet with a Healthcare client in Florida. Our business development representative had a healthy discussion with the client over lunch.

Client Visit – Q3 2018

Client visits at smartData are immersing experience with deep dive sessions not just on the projects but overall business echo system. We had one such visit from the UK last week. Our client relationship is our steps to success and encourages a positive future ahead. The best is hearing them say we would love to visit again.


Business Meet in Florida

One of our business development representatives is on a visit to Florida to collaborate with client’s in Florida state. smarTian met with one of our healthcare domain client in Miami, Fl.


Business Meet in Boston

Our business development representative has marked a very successful business trip to the US where he met with one of smartData’s prestigious client in Boston.

Client Interface

With Business meets all around the Globe how can our clients miss the chance to visit us! Yes, smartData has always been fortunate to host the clients with enthusiasm, some knowledge exchange and a detailed analysis of their project.

Thanks to our clients for making time to train our teams and work in collaboration.

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Happy International #WomensDay2019!🌹#Diversity & Inclusion are an integral part of our work culture, where Gender Balance plays a key role in it. Know more about #smartData’s work culture, where 25%+ women’s work force contributing to organization growth

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