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smartData Nagpur, August 2019

ReactJS training

Knowing that React is a very strong contender and widely used. In house ReactJS experts with hands-on experience, delivered an informative session to other team members at Nagpur branch with a purpose to upgrade existing team into new technology stack to help them be an effective resource in successfully delivering projects efficiently.

smartData Org-Wide, July 2019

Employee Advocacy on social media Session

A quick employee advocacy session was given to our professionals by our marketing team to help them understand the value and importance of promoting specific campaigns, events, functions and help boost in reputation of other professionals and organisation via social media through following, tagging and sharing.

smartData Mohali, July 2019

Designing Session – UI trends for web & mobile app

Upgrading skills is highly valued and is seen as a major requirement on being dynamic and adaptive as the field grows. Following the same, an important session over popular trends in user interface design for websites and mobile applications that are on the top of the wave was conducted for professionals in order to understand latest UI/UX trends.

smartData Dehradun, July 2019

Healtcare Clinical session by Shashi kant

An important session was conducted at Dehradun facility where details were shared on “disrupting of digital healthcare ecosystem by providing consumers with more choice, access, transparency & curation of medical information”. This discussion gave professionals a broader perspective and compliance’s implementation in terms of customer perspective.

smartData Nagpur, July 2019

Induction Programme at Nagpur

Induction is the introduction and orientation of the employee in the organizational culture and showing the employees how interconnected they can be in the organization. Employee training is very important for an organization, and delivering an effective induction training program to new smarTians is our biggest priority.

smartData Org-Wide, June 2019

Orgwide Session – Topic -healthcare insurance

With rising influence of Fin-techs disrupting industries through tech-driven innovations digitizing everything. It’s important to be aware of the rising impact of insurance & technology with changing customer expectations. A session was conducted targeting the customer focused approach by various insurance companies, in multiple industries.

smartData Dehradun, June 2019

Induction Programme at Dehradun

An employee’s induction process is often what makes or breaks their experience at an organisation and is the first step of welcoming new employees to the company and preparing them for their respective roles. An HR induction was conducted for the professionals at Dehradun to help them understand and adapt our processes easily.

smartData Mohali, June 2019

4th Inner Development Program

Our inner development programs focus on catalyzing a culture of inner well-being by offering a journey that supports the individual and their work. Young professionals working at night followed this quest of inner peace & stability and successfully completed learning various techniques and methodologies to attain the same.

smartData Mohali, June 2019

Induction Programme at Mohali

Induction training is a systematic and a fast and effective way to train new professionals to enable them to perform quickly and efficiently in their new job role. This effective training also helps them understand our culture, its values, vision, operations, processes and help them be in line with our goals.

smartData Dehradun, June 2019

Angular 8 Training (SDD)

Grasping and implementing latest technology and programming languages at an early stage distinguishes us the most. Following our routine, Angular 8 training session was organised at the Dehradun facility for our young and senior professionals to develop their skills, proficiency and enhance their understanding over the latest version release.

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smartData Enterprises @smartDataIncLtdAug 1
Are you looking for a job that provides the #RighEnvironment for your growth and help in brushing your #skills? We are #HiringNow #ReactNative #Developer Exp: 2+ years Location: Mohali / Dehradun / Nagpur Contact:

smartData Enterprises @smartDataIncLtdJul 31
#AI & #ML capabilities are making it easy for customers to use #automation tools, adding a self-learning & improving capability. Advantages include #recommendations, automatic onboarding of employees, informed decisions, monitor process flow in an easy to use graphical interface.

smartData Enterprises @smartDataIncLtdJul 31
The initial focus of #automation tools was to automate predictable-repeatable #workflows in a specific domain. But #RPA has taken a step forward. This generalized tool executes structured workflows, particularly for processes involving data from multiple #information systems.

smartData Enterprises @smartDataIncLtdJul 31
Why #automation sprawl? It is important to let know the employees what plan automation is proposing, how is it going to aide the process of automation. All departments are interrelated with impacting #operations of each. #RPA #technology #DataAnalytics

smartData Enterprises @smartDataIncLtdJul 23
Highest (6153m) & toughest (-20 ºC) ever #StokKangri summit scaled on 21st July morning. Congratulations to entire #smartData for this glorious success and specially to these 5 #smarTians who could make it. @tavarejay @vivek_bhardvaj @plpmahi @gnpanse @KamnaSinghThak1 #CFG

smartData Enterprises @smartDataIncLtdJul 22
#IoT is enabling businesses to do #Supply chain management (the foundational business process) better. Supply chain professionals can use IoT & #Blockchain technology to gather and use tracking data in dynamic new ways. #SCM #blockchaintechnology #ERP

smartData Enterprises @smartDataIncLtdJul 18
Internet of Things (IoT) at @smartDataIncLtd is ever-changing the business field, making opportunities for brand spanking new sources of revenue, smarter interactions with customers, and larger efficiencies.

smartData Enterprises @smartDataIncLtdMay 6
CFG- "Community Fitness & Green" wok culture @smartDataIncLtd . Leading the way for all #smarTians "Tuffman : Ajay Tewari" Concurred the toughest #ULTRAMARATHON targets in India and covered over 72 KM #marathon #TUFFMAN. #MustWatch

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