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smartData Mohali, January 2020

    Business Travel to United States

    Business meets with clients always concentrate on improving client services & help to expand collaboration. Another good business trip to the USA was made by our business consultant to expand client business and seeking new verticals.

    smartData Mohali, December 2019

      BusinessMeet, Europe – Q4 2019

      Client visits are pivotal not only in building trust but in nurturing & developing strong collaborative working relationships with multiple clientele. Our frequent US visits are examples of our work culture focusing on the 3B’s i.e. ‘BigCollaboration’, ‘BigCommunication’ and ‘BigThinking’ to provide deep business understanding.

      smartData Nagpur, December 2019

        Client Meet, US– Q4 2019

        Onsite visits allows one to obtain monitoring data through close observation; giving the individual the opportunity to identify, & resolve problems at the operating level. Along with a significant change in the professional’s outlook such visits helps one in understanding the new work culture & ethics further enhancing the business decisions.

        smartData Mohali, December 2019

          Business Meet, Europe – Q4 2019

          The importance of business travel is still recommended despite the digital era. Our business consultants are always on the move in providing best client services and assistance. With a focus on extending collaboration, helping expand client business and seeking new verticals, our representative marked another successful business trip to Europe.

          smartData Mohali, November 2019

            Healthcare client visit

            A recent visit by our healthcare client at smartData HQs resulted in strong discussions about US healthcare and the use of medical cannabis for mental wellness. From meetings in HIMMS to current discussions, advantages are being discussed in primary care.

            smartData Mohali, October 2019

              The partnership continues to grow

              We have been business-tech partners for 14 years, in this meeting we exchanged ideas on consumer-facing apps for payment platforms, device tracking and enterprise apps. The effort is to deliver cost-effective solutions in the Australian market.

              smartData Nagpur, September 2019

                Creating Workable Solutions

                Working together on the insurance project requires continuous updates with complainces and user data. This meeting with a client from the fintech industry was focused on these similar terms to recheck and find new possibilities.

                smartData Mohali, August 2019

                  Client Visit: Q3 2019

                  A visit by a health insurance client to Mohali (HQs) has helped us gain actionable insights with emphasis on revenue cycle management in the healthcare sector. The discussions included exploring new dimensions to save cost on patient care.

                  smartData Nagpur, August 2019

                    Customer Visit: Building Market Focus

                    A visit to Nagpur office by one of our healthcare clients was focused on: ‘With an increased need to provide caregivers/nurses during a shortage in the home care industry it is important to have a well adaptable screening process.’

                    US, July 2019

                      US Visit: Increased Customer Engagement

                      smartData’s business consultants are always on the move to provide the best client services. We have had great success with these client visits and such visits are a step further in strengthening the ongoing client relationships.

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