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smartData Org-Wide, March 2020

    Security Audit

    Audits establish a security baseline and to avoid potential threats to the security perimeter. We encourage & promote to follow set of guidelines, policies & principles laid down under compliance. Information Security Audit’ was conducted across all branches to assess security code of conduct, network practices etc. under ISO.

    smartData Org-Wide, February 2020


      Hackathons are proving grounds for new ideas. They’re especially good tools to stimulate the creative & problem solving juices of developers. This year’s 24 hours Hackathon initiated organization wide drove all participants to distil their visionary concepts down to actionable solutions & guaranteed a multitude of perspectives in their vision.

      smartData Nagpur, February 2020

        Session: Onsite Exposure and Experience

        Onsite visits allows one to obtain monitoring data, giving the individual the opportunity to identify, & resolve problems at the operating level. Sharing his experience, smarTian stated how his visit had a significant change in his outlook & how it helped him in understanding the new work culture & ethics further enhancing his business decisions.

        smartData Mohali, January 2020

          FlexBox Training

          With changes in technology, it is mandatory to refine skills of talented and young professionals to meet the market needs. For creating flexible layouts for an optimized solution for mobile and web devices, a training session on CSS Flexible Box Layout, commonly known as Flexbox, a CSS3 web layout model was delivered to new sDirect’s.

          smartData Nagpur & Dehradun, January 2020

            Documentary: B.S.F. Jawans

            We salute the spirit and courage of our Border Security Forces, their extreme sacrifices and distinct identity as saviours of peace while defending the borders. Remembering these heroes with great honour, a documentary on BSF: India’s First Line of Defense was shown to smarTians showing glimpses of their tough and challenging life.

            smartData Dehradun, January 2020

              Process Induction

              Once the entrants become part of the organization, an important session is given, to help them understand how process works in different departments, how they are matched to the processes in CMMI, policies, amendments in the engineering structure, an overview of our internal value portal, repositories, process compliance index audit process etc.

              smartData Org-Wide, January 2020

                Management Induction

                Inductions are proven methods to integrate oneself with the organisational values & annual goals. Our management Induction is a key factor imparting information on all processes, objectives, culture, services, policies etc. for the new entrants to quickly adapt into the work environment and be able to deliver in a more optimized & effective manner.

                smartData Mohali, January 2020

                  Self-Motivation Symposium

                  Self-motivation is a force that keeps pushing us to go on. It’s our internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, & keep moving forward. When quitting , or when one don’t know how to start, their self-motivation is what pushes them to go on. Session delivered on same boosted not only productivity but unleashed inner strength of many individuals.

                  smartData Nagpur, january 2020

                    Process Review Conference

                    To minimize risk and improve customer satisfaction, one needs to ensure the organization processes are optimized. A quick session was conducted for upcoming leaders for ensuring the safety and efficiency of our internal processes and all adhering to the same on daily basis for a smoother work flow between developers(inter branch too) and client.

                    smartData Nagpur, December 2019

                      Session: Database Design Practices

                      This session on Database Design Practices held at Nagpur was a guidance for many in deeply understanding the various database designs, standardized architecture, database review process, basics of DB including the various types (File based & relational database), normalization, common database mistakes, dapper for SQL connection etc.

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