Institutions, schools, teachers and educators use LMS to create, administer, track, report and deliver educational courses and programs. These platforms and integrated services give a reliable, secure, and well-positioned system for managing tutoring and learning via media-driven e-courses.


OWD Certification Management System

It is a mobile app developed to automate the Training certificates for the students with the purpose of ‘go green’ by providing all the training material and guidance online, which saves millions of papers. The different interfaces in the platform are admin, trainers, or Institutes, and Students. The admin, trainers, or Institutes will add the courses and the session, whereas students have to apply [...]

- Admin can add Associations, Institutes in the system.
- Subscription for the Institutes.
- Students can select the course of their choice.
- Students have to clear the exam after course completion to get the certificates.


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Cloudtician LMS

A web-based online learning platform that allows home learners to access courses on a recurring subscription plan. Courses are in the form of videos and there is online assessment in the form of objective questions as well to test the learning of courses. Learners can see progress in the leaderboard and also admin can analyze the learner's progress in the [...]

  • Users take subscriptions to access the courses
  • Courses in from of pre-recorded videos
  • Assessment is done via MCQ for an instant result with a score
  • Chat using
  • Course completion Certificate
  • Course rating and reviews
  • Profile/leaderboard/progress tracking
  • Blog/Forum

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eLearning platform

 This portal provides online Tricks Training – that help students to learn tricks anytime anywhere. The portal allow instructors to post 'Tracks'. A track is a series of videos that give  instruction on a particular trick or discipline. A learner/student can join a track and work their way through all the lessons.  

  • Huge libraries of video based lessons.
  • Token based subscriptions for video tracks.
  • Students can book online video sessions with instructor
  • Student can access video Tricks, and any other support content.
  • Track student progress reports.
  • Leader board
  • One click payment transfer for instructor

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School Management

SaaS-based interactive education management platform developed to cater to small to complex needs of any school or education institute. It also establishes transparent & interactive data exchange with parents, students and other involved entities. Key purpose of this system is to provide a platform that allows schools to provide quality education to students and take required steps for betterment.

Key system offerings:

  • Classroom management
  • Student information management
  • Resources management
  • Behavioral management 
  • Parent engagement
  • Analytical reporting
  • Medical management
  • 360 degree reporting

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