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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

As most of the manufacturing business is shut down due to the global pandemic, there are few manufactures still open for essential business. Sixty-five percent of manufacturing companies are operating in some capacity, according to David Britt, chair of the economic development committee of the Spartanburg County Council. Some facilities have even pivoted to produce medical and protective equipment needed to fight the virus.

Coronavirus outbreak has globally affected the manufacturing industry and to meet the supplies of medical essentials, many companies came forward to manufacture ventilators, test kits, etc. Recently in Britain, Rolls Royce and JCB, which produces mechanical excavators; Dyson, the best-known vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. Prodrive, one of the world’s leading auto racing and rallying manufacturers, step forward to make ventilators.

As there is no fix of COVID-19 yet and the best way to remain safe is to avoid potential risk. The first and foremost priority of the manufactures is to supply the essential to fight against COVID-19. To sustain in the market production of Masks, test kits, ventilators and hand sanitizers are taking boom. Many companies like Diageo, a popular liquor maker has started manufacturing sanitizers to cope up with a shortage in the market. Household disinfectants, Car cleaners, and other cleaning agents are also in demand.  Various tech tools like CRM, supply chain, and inventory management support manufacturers in many ways.

As WHO encouraged to increase your immunity to remain sound and fit. People have changed their perspective and started using home remedies to boost their immunity. Manufacturing of foods and supplements to boost immunity is the hot choice nowadays. People are becoming more inclined towards using natural products. As indicated by a review conducted by Nielsen India, 52 percent of people have started using honey and turmeric to boost their immunity. With the high demand for such products companies have decided to keep manufacturing immunity-boosting products post-pandemic. Manufacturers of Healthcare products would also see a hike in production of immunity-boosting and personal hygiene products.

Various MRP &ERP software solutions are being used by manufacturers to automate the entire process of production.  smartData Enterprises has helped various global manufacturers by developing numerous ERP, CRM, supply chain, workforce management, workflow management,business automation and inventory control software solutions.

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