The surge in demand for consumer enterprise applications are at an all-time high, as most organizations have realized that it’s a mobile-first world. So, how you develop, maintain and deploy an application remains the great debate for CIOs and developers alike. Unfortunately, there is no single application strategy, so it’s important to understand the options when it comes to mobile application development platforms and technologies.

smartData is a one-stop solution that addresses the technology, commercial and support requirements of customer modernization programs leveraging Open Source technologies.These are the two primary approaches to choose when building a mobile app:

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Get Your Website Ready for Google’s Mobile-first Indexing

In 2020, there are around 3.5 billion smartphone users, and most of the searches are done on mobile. To prioritize the mobile results and seamless mobile search experience, in March 2018 Google announced its much-awaiting update of mobile indexing. According to that in March 2021, Google will roll out mobile-first indexing for the whole web. The important aspect of mobile...


Mobile Apps in 2020: Going Cross Platform

Fortune 500 companies: going Cross Platform There are two prevalent toolsets for mobile app development – native and cross platform. As customers are distributed and companies want to reach global customers (a population of 4.5 billion digital users), choosing amongst iOS and Android users can be tough. This either requires a detailed study of the target audience and their devices...


Mobile App- Cost Estimation

After intense thought process of an idea, customers are looking for a reliable team who understands their business objectives with budget constraint. smartData knows how this business specification will transform the living standard of consumers. Keeping clients’ budget constraint in mind we develop their business idea into the functional application. If anyone aligns two developers to estimate one project, it...

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