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April 17 - 21, 2023
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A 2019 study indicates that MSPs accounted for $5 trillion of the total revenue 2019 for the top-ranked firms like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba. MSPs (multi-sided platforms) are products and services that bring together groups of users, facilitating transactions all across the ecosystem. Compared to traditional value chains where value moves in pipelines, platforms deliver increasing returns to scale, creating a more all-round network.

The value in digital platforms comes from the network effect, redefining the global business landscape.

Our applications deals with the core fundamentals of Forecasting & Demand planning, Lean Inventory management & Freight transportation



Store automation and touchless checkout solutions has become today need. At smartData, we deploy the latest development strategies to reduce costs and gain higher customer satisfaction through tech solutions for last-mile delivery, touchless order processing, real-time inventory planning, and monitoring varying purchasing patterns and preferences of consumers.



Ecommerce and Inventory Management

The application is a personalized luxury children's wear subscription box service. It focuses on international brand discovery and brings emerging, overseas designer labels to the subscribed member community. A curated box of products is sent to subscribed customers every month/quarter based on their preferences which are captured in form of questionnaire survey. Anticipating sizing, seasonal needs, and members' lifestyles, stylists curate a box that is delivered to the customer on dates scheduled. Read more

Amazon reseller Performance enhancement tool

SaaS platform that collects and crunches merchant seller central data from Amazon for keeping eye on inventory, sales, profit on the products that are selling on Amazon, thus ensuring that demand supply curve for the product in demand is met through just in Telemedicine inventory management and supply chain. This is primarily used by major fashion accessories resellers on amazon platform. Read more

Multichannel Inventory Management & Shipping

SaaS-based application to track and manage orders and Inventory from multiple marketplaces and e-commerce stores. API integration done for multiple platforms, Ebay seller API and API2 Cart (30+ shopping channels), Sage, Amazon, Etsy. The application manages orders from different sales channels and manual entries at one place Read more


We are tying industries together. A 360-degree view of customers is created by unifying customer data across the phygital channels.


Oil and Gas enterprise mineral management system

A suite of software products for the upstream oil & gas industry. It manages the geological surveys, drilling & exploration, wells management and petroleum production optimisation to mineral asset management. The product automates the wells' life cycle management comprising of planning, drilling, completion, production and abandonment. The CRM enables acquisition and management of different types of mineral asset ownership. The application manages the intricate relationships between different interdependent entities i.e (prospect, leases, production unit, activity wells, tract calculations) managing extremely large screens and the geometry calculations. Read more

Marine voyage performance analytics

A SAAS based marine KPI management application for voyage planning in terms of port routes, voyage tracking, ports, vendors, stevedores, suppliers. It collects and analyze data from the vessel statement of facts (SOF) reports and presents them in a logical and simple way to visualise the historical performance of the voyages. This enables the user to identify areas of improvements in future voyages between the same ports. It also allows agencies to calculate performances against KPIs for ports, and associated suppliers, vendors, stevedores and the agents - thus benchmarking their performances against the KPI set and then reducing the gap through corrective and preventive measures. Read more

Advanced Logistics Solution

A supply chain solution to produce a platform to connect suppliers and carriers. Carriers/drivers get notifications in real-time based on the dispatch algorithm to accept a booking request. They can either accept/decline a booking request or prose a new quote based on load, truck type, source and destination. We have developed an algorithm to match suppliers (booking requests) with carriers. We have also developed messaging and calling facility between supplier and carrier. Read more


smartData helps in building simple to complex online supply chain applications dealing with multidirectional movements of Information (order, status), goods (delivery) and payments (money) globally. smartData helps in building data-driven applications providing visible information, any device along with algo driven forecasting, demand and inventory management along with logistic and transportation.

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FemTech- The Technology Shaping the Future of Women's Health

Women experience unique health issues whether it is Reproductive health, infertility, maternal health, post-natal depression, breast cancer, PCOD, menopause, etc. A proper guidance by advocating, evidence-based programs and community health, can avoid any life-threatening situation.


What is Health Information Exchange(HIE)?

Electronic exchange of clinical information permits doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other health care providers, and patients to retrieve and securely share a patient's vital medical information electronically—improving the speed, quality, safety, coordination, and cost of patient care.

Health Information Exchange

Clinical Trials

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc throughout the country and the healthcare system. However, telemedicine is stepping up as the spotlight helping healthcare providers and caregivers better respond to the needs of the patients

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