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Technology has reformed the industrial operating models globally, acknowledging the retail landscape transformation. Consumers have become aware of their varying purchasing patterns and preferences. Whereas retailers are going phygital – blending digital experiences with physical ones – to stay relevant. Digital storefronts are of utmost priority for all retailers, irrespective of their size, type of product, and target market. It fulfills the need to commercialize products and expand into new markets.

smartEcommerce A ready-to-use e-commerce infrastructure created by smartData has a responsive and customizable interface fulfilling digital business needs.

The initial adoption of insight trends like predictive analytics and customer-centric policies was majorly popular with B2B retail and wholesale markets. The last few years saw a shift in paradigm to B2C companies, fashion and grocery retailers, as startups started to bring in novel solutions.

Retail Management Software – on-premise or cloud? The demand for store automation is accelerating along with the increased demand for contactless buying. Installing touchless checkout solutions is just the first step, whereas there are various other methods of automating and improving store operations, merchandizing, and inventory management. On-premise systems such as POS, kiosk, tablets integrated with cloud, online distribution networks, and AI enhance a retailer’s ability to satisfy a customer and manage warehouses efficiently.

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