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Organizational Culture vs Team Culture in Post-Pandemic work

The current Covid-19 pandemic has affected much of all industries’ Work culture. It impacted Industries of all sizes and sectors, the national lockdown and travel bans have ended global visits & frequent physical Meetings. People have learned now that they don’t have to be in an office & most of the things can be done from home also. No need to commute to work station daily. Companies already had the technology to support their WFH teams and now they have doubled down on its usage. Being habitual of the pandemic now, they’ve made sure that out-of-office doesn’t mean out of the loop in Office/Organization

Now incoming time, company culture will be very important & it will surely be impacting every aspect of a business. Companies who are having strong cultural identities will surely be having higher employee engagement, productivity, and revenue. In the coming post-pandemic scenario, Organizational & team culture going to play a vital role.

Organizational culture will demand people to be in Office premises for the work to be completed timely with their team specifically, but Leaders who encourage staff input for not only building team trust but for also open up their ideas to enhancing productivity, in that case, they will surely be supporting their team members if they want WFH. It will be tough for the management in balancing the Organizational culture vs Team culture.

Considering records of unemployment and indefinite persons who are looking for a job, for these resources company should have to work on Organizational Culture for making the work environment more feasible for all eligible employees.

The HR team in smartData is dedicatedly working on planning the same strategies so that we can manage Organizational culture vs Team culture. We are working to make employees manage their personal as well as professional work-life balance post COVID

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