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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

At smartData our we endeavour to not only deliver the project, but also provide ongoing support and management services to our clients. Experts at smartData help in keeping your products up to market expectations and secure. We provide a comprehensive management plan and support services to provide secure, fast, and seamless online experiences to your business and its customers.

Our array of services ranges from a full fledged application development to small sprints based developments along with engineering staff augmentation on monthly retainer basis in nutshell we have offerings for small scale application development to large enterprise application development

We discuss, discover and deliver the solutions

The Digital Transformation of Logistics Industry

In a constantly evolving market, the sale of commodities occurs through ecommerce as well as retail stores. Digitization of logistics is of the essence to handle the multiple demands of various industries. It not only organizes the supply chain data but maintains its integrity and accessibility for smooth functioning and easy supervision of operations. A logistics software automates processes, forecasts...


Digital Experience Platform – Solving a Big Problem

What is a DX platform? A DX platform is driven by the API first approach behaving as an integrated set of technologies and providing multiple sets of digital touchpoints for a broader range of users. Digital Experience platform provides a complete suite of solutions by collaborating and aggregating all helpful features based on an individual’s (or group of individuals') preferences...

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