PropTech enables real estate businesses to better manage existing properties, do more precise purchase research, and obtain a better understanding of vacancy rates and optimal property usage. Real estate market platforms and classifieds centre their activity on selling, communication, residential and retail commercial real estate listings, planning and constructing buildings.


Advance Real Estate Portal

A real estate portal that allows homeowners and real estate agents to market their properties to a large audience. Targeted to the Israel market the application supports Hebrew and English language. This platform allows homeowners and local estate agents to directly link with interested buyers through the web interface. Homeowners can create a property listing and submit it to the network. Agents have a complete CRM interface [...]

  • Interactive map features for property browsing, zoom in and out with RT updating of map data
  • Advance search on various criterion like state, county, city, street, etc. User can check property status, property type, type of community, area, other amenities and more
  • Radius search functionality and save search results to profile section and sort results
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DIY Property Buy Sell Platform

A DIY system for Buyer-Sellers which allow them to interact with each other without any involvement of Real Estate Agent. All required tools has been provided by this system to achieve required goals by both buyers and sellers.

Application offers:

  • DIY platform for sellers & buyers
  • Integration with digital ID for ID verification
  • Integration with MyDektop API for having integration with other real estate portals i.e. real estate and domain.
  • CoreLogic API for property and suburb reports
  • Open house inspection and schedule
  • Real time chat betw ....

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Online Booking Platform

This is a community marketplace that allows people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation properties around the world. Property management systems (OTAs) like HotelsPro, RentalsUnited API, Resonline API, Siteminder and Trawex Channel Managers have been integrated into this system for managing the hotel or property information. For booking, the user needs to register first and then he will be redirected to [...]

  • Display of property data covering all details and attributes
  • Extensive property search
  • Integration of Stripe payment API
  • Automatic integration of property data after regular interval of time
  • Integration of 3rd party hotel API to get listings
  • Channel manager integrations: HotelsPro, RentalsUnited API, Resonline API
  • Calenda ....

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Hotel Administration and Management App

Hospitality platform developed for luxury hotel chain acting as virtual concierge allowing hotel guests to make booking and reservation (F&B, transportation, sightseeing etc) through the app on the go. And this allows hotels to streamlines their day to day operations and enhance guest engagement. One of the interesting features this platform offers is mobile-based check-in and digital room key to [...]

  • Get directions to the hotel and the airport
  • Make day bed and cabana reservations
  • Place beach/pool and in-room dining orders
  • Make spa, water activities, hair salon and table booking reservations
  • ALOHA POS integration to support inform dining orders
  • Request their car through the valet
  • Place housekeeping service requests
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Change in RE Industry- SmartHome

Residential properties are taking a shift keeping in mind the state of the art of technology which will ensure the data of the home activity. New technologies are designed, developed and used to make a secure place for everyone. Talking about home automation, users are becoming informative to take precaution for unexpected damages. Homes are the biggest market for new...


How AI is Changing the Real Estate Landscape

In an increasingly virtual world, real estate may appear to be the only concrete thing remaining, but it, too, is being taken over by artificial intelligence. As most of the data has been kept public from land records to title documents, purchase price and even mortgage liens and even home owner’s details, which AI algorithms are increasingly using to understand...


Marketplace Platforms

As technology is taking over, the use of online platforms has turned from a mere convenience to the lifestyle of people. Gone are the days, when people used to wander around different shops to buy products that they wanted. With the introduction of online platforms, marketplaces have moved from streets/showrooms to the devices of users. Now the buyers don’t have...

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