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Software as a service has redefined businesses finding it difficult to distribute their software. Cloud services give ease to virtual deployment and updates of software thus growing businesses by 19.63%. Having worked on 100+ different SaaS platforms for healthcare, logistics and enterprise sector, SaaS application development services have become one of the core specialties of smartData.

The engineering practices based on DevOps deliver large-scale multi-tenant SaaS apps and cloud-based SaaS application. A recent application is a web-based CRM application developed for behavioral health management. Covering features for lead generation, performance tracking, contact, and reference management, the SaaS developers have also added a feature for healthcare providers to manage patient and staff.

smartData’s full stack SaaS developers expertise in:

  • DevOps: project architecture and production deployment at scale (VMs, Docker containers)
  • Fault tolerance for underlying infrastructure: Azure, AWS, EC2, Google cloud and on-premise infrastructure
  • Web app development: scalable data structures, integration of data storage solutions, data science implementation
  • Design centric software
  • Other tech stack includes .Net framework/Core, .Net MVC, PHP, Node.js, Angular, React.js, Python, Javascript

Targeting clients within specific industries and supply chains, SaaS platforms are cost-effective and industry-specific. Customization of features for BI software, retail analytics and logistics analytics applications are some examples from top industries.

CRM and ERP software: these improve business efficiency and centralize information. CRM and ERP software now covers all major sectors including real estate, construction, retail, insurance and professional services. Web-based CRM applications cover modules for lead management, document management, email/SMS marketing and reports. ERP applications take into account everything from sales and distribution to accounting and asset management.

SaaS based SCM applications: cloud-based supply chain management applications cover needs for both small and mid-sized 3PLs (third-party logistics) and warehouse management. A recent reference is a SaaS based SCM application designed to meet needs for branding, packaging, inventory control and shipping of goods.

Additonal SaaS application references are:

  • Restaurant tip accounting software
  • Workflow automation for leading CarWash company in the US
  • Customer communication tool for support, marketing, and after-care services for eBay sellers
  • Risk management tracker system for property insurers
  • Business community platform
  • HR software and workforce management system to track hours, automate payroll and hiring process.

Forming an end to end solution SaaS developers are experts at combining all the components- actual product/ software package, sales platforms/front-end site and the subscription suite. The testing methodology and code deployment incorporates testing frameworks like JUnit, Selenium and code repositories (TFS ,SVN, Git). Automation tools are used to handle quality assurance (QA) for applications running on cloud through unit testing, functional testing, testing of SOA interfaces and performance testing. The support extends to promoting the application with inbound and outbound marketing SEO, google ads and SMM

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