With technology influencing our lives, smartData expertise in clinical care solutions, which include scheduling, electronic medical records, billing, and claim processing. In addition to sub-modules like patient intake, SOAP notes these components also include messaging, SAAS based platform for multiple hospital agencies on multi location. Billing and claim processing, family/social history, payroll, EHR, EMR (Hospital Management System Software), service codes, appointment types, etc. are some added features.

The vital concept of smartHealth is eHealth and mHealth. Our medical practice management software will help practices optimize their strategy for delivering high-quality care and are standardized by HIPAA Compliance and HL7 Integration. These components increase your productivity by saving time and are very cost-effective as well.

We have the best in-house developers to tailor-make your business expectations to meet the unique needs of your practice and addressing the challenges you face every day―from changing reimbursement models to specialty reporting demands.


We deliver:

  • Highly customizable application/software.
  • Use lightweight, scalable architecture
  • Developed on the latest technology (React js, Angular 7.Net Core framework)
  • Linux and Windows compatible
  • Custom fields implementation for staff and patient

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smartHealth- components of clinical care solutions | Telemedicine-EHR